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Comment Re:Fixing orphan works (Score 1) 18

A fee like this is fine for corporations too....

You need to renew the copyright every ten years with a one year grace period.
Renewal is via an on-line registration system.
On-line system makes it easy to check if the work has been renewed or not.
First renewal is free.
Second renewal is $1,000
Fee for each subsequent renewal doubles.
You can renew as long as you keep paying the fee.

Comment Fixing orphan works (Score 4, Interesting) 18

There is a very simple way to fix the orphan works problem and also let Disney have Mickey forever. The root of the problem is giving free, automatic copyright for 150 years or so to every work.

Instead require that copyrights be renewed every ten years with a one year grace period. First renewal is free but you have to fill out a form on-line. Second renewal is $1,000. Fee for each subsequent renewal doubles. This will quickly place all of the non-economically via works into the public domain. It also lets you keep a copyright forever as long as you keep paying the renewal fees.

Comment Re:Looks like god... (Score 1) 179

Either that or the ignorant morons who insisted AIDS was god's way of punishing homosexuals for being, um, homosexual, yet again proved to be full of shit.

"What biblical character you most resemble" is a popular pastime in those circles, or so I've heard, so just point them to Revelation: "Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon."

Who knows, it might actually result in some self-reflection.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 198

What does that mean? Lots of nonsense and no constructive comments to further the discussion.

What discussion? Until the gaming industry brings to table evidence that they've changed, there's nothing to discuss. Why would anyone negotiate with someone who's simply trying to stall endlessly to avoid having to actually do anything?

If you continue to support the company doing something you don't like your the idiot and boycotting all companies won't solve the problem.

You said yourself this is an industry-wide problem. So don't be surprised that the entire industry is being held accountable as a whole. And yes, that will solve the problem, by crashing the entire industry to make room for a less malevolent version if that's what it'll take.

I have no idea what this is suppose to mean in this context.

Exactly what the very previous paragraph explained: if you act like a villain, you get treated like one, no matter how much you whine about it. Astroturfing won't change that any more than lifelong debt slavery sentences did. Nothing will.

You seem bitter about something but I'm not sure what.

Not at all - I have enough backlog to last me over the coming crash and reboot. And I doubt you'll have trouble finding another group who'll refuse to believe the universe won't make an exception for them to shill for. It's still not fun to watch an entire industry march to its doom over delusions of grandieur.

Comment Re: Alert! (Score 1) 330

Scientific results exists even if you personally cannot confirm them. The point is that someone can confirm them, and does.

And the obvious rebuttal is a whole lot of people can confirm their invisible sky gods.

Someone's confirmed (some) God's existence? Really? Do you have any links? What kind of test did they use? Is US opening an embassy in Heaven?

Honestly, you'd think confirming the existence of any supernatural being would be bigger news than Congress being morons... but I guess Slashdot will get to this story in a week or so.

Comment Re:The Five Steps of Climate Change Denial (Score 1) 330

What you can deny is the conclusions

Which is Step 4.

But don't worry. With any luck we'll trigger the clathrate gun, methane release from melting permafrost or some other positive feedback loop soon, at which point you can move to Step 5 and enjoy your disaster. Just hang in there a little bit longer.

I'm just happy I don't have any children, so if you win I can just exit stage left and leave yours to curse your memory.

Comment Re:100% Consensus among scientific organizations (Score 2) 330

I honestly think that, on a personal level, they do believe it. But when it comes to their base and who actually pays for their campaigns (Koch brothers, oil money, etc) then they will vote as they have been told to do by their paymasters.

That is probably true for many more issues than this, and not just for politicians. I don't think most people have really made the adjustment to the fact that in a democracy, their opinions matter, so forming them based on ideology - or even what's best for yourself rather than the whole country - is ultimately self-destructive. So we've ended up in a situation analogous to someone moving away from his parents for the first time and spending his time partying while the bills and trash pile up around him, and it's just a matter of how hard he needs to crash to admit that his new freedom also means that he needs to do something about them.

Oh well, incompetence isn't going anywhere until it's no longer needed, so should US and EU fall one petty dictator or another is going to screw up bad enough to cause a new Magna Carta sooner or later. Might take a few thousand years of hard lessons more, but having to repeat the class is the price of failing grade. And hopefully only that, seeing how we now have the ability to burn the whole school down with atomic fire, and ourselves with it...

Comment Re:Their requirements are lacking (Score 3, Interesting) 52

Most accidents occur at less than 40 mph; if "dozens of meters" equates to about 100 ft, that represents about 1.7 seconds at 40 mph. Assuming a coefficient of friction of 0.8, it is theoretically possible for a car traveling at 40 mph to stop in 67 ft; call it roughly 70 ft. If the system can apply the brakes within 500 ms, that's enough to be useful, although clearly it can't stop you from plowing into a car stopped in the fast lane of the highway.

Speaking of highways, the only reason people can manage to drive on highways is that the things you're most likely to hit are traveling in the same direction; if they were slaloming between stationary obstacles at 60 mph most drivers would be dead, fast. What makes highway driving safe is that the closing speed between vehicles is usually modest; usually on less than ten fifteen miles per hour. So actually the system might have more effect on the highway so long as speed discrepancies are in the normal range.

Comment Re: Alert! (Score 1) 330

I'll bet that for practical purposes you can't personally confirm general relativity, RNA to DNA reverse transcription, the role of the Coriolis effect in the formation of seasonal thermoclines in the ocean, or the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. It doesn't mean those things aren't science.

"I can't confirm it" isn't the same as "I am unable or unwilling to put the effort it would take."

"Gort, klaatu nikto barada." -- The Day the Earth Stood Still