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Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 22

Does not help. Linux is making competent people a lot saver, but it will do nothing for incompetent ones, unless they are willing to pay for professional system administration. The difference is that even with professional system administration, Windows remains a problem, while Linux is not. But without it, they are both insecure.

Comment Re:Where was the CIA, FBI and NSA... (Score 1) 285

Indeed. And as the population is even dumber than usual (because they are kept in fear), nobody notices that forensics has no preventative value whatsoever and does make nobody any more secure. The problem is that forensics can also be used to discredit people. Example: Have a presidential candidate that want to cut NSA or CIA funding? Just see what you can dig up on them, and there always will be something.


France Using Emergency Powers To Prevent Climate Change Protests ( 194

Bruce66423 writes: Following the Paris massacre, the French government declared a state of emergency. One of the regulations this introduced was control of large scale gatherings, and one of the events that is being caught up in this is planned protests to do with the Climate Change conference in Paris next month. This has resulted in some activists being put under house arrest — yet other gathering, such as commercial street markets — are being allowed to go ahead. Funny that; anyone would think that the government is using the opportunity to suppress dissent.

Comment Re:Some people don't understand the word "former" (Score 1) 285

You reasoning is faulty. This is not intelligence tactics. This is PR. (Also, I do not hold a security clearance, so I can post whatever my pertaining observations are, unlike the about 5 million US citizens that have been muzzled that way...)

It works like this: Have a known former employee or close associate to who you maintain close ties spread some information or statement. Most people will see it as coming from you, but if it causes a stir, it will just be their "private opinion".


VTech Hack Exposes Data On 4.8 Million Adults, 200,000 Kids ( 63

New submitter lorenzofb writes: A hacker broke into the site of the popular toy company VTech and was able to easily get 4.8 million credentials, and 227k kids' identities using SQL injection. The company didn't find out about the breach until Motherboard told them. According to Have I Been Pwned, this is the fourth largest consumer data breach ever. "[Security specialist Troy Hunt] said that VTech doesn't use SSL web encryption anywhere, and transmits data such as passwords completely unprotected. ... Hunt also found that the company's websites "leak extensive data" from their databases and APIs—so much that an attacker could get a lot of data about the parents or kids just by taking advantage of these flaws."

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