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Comment: Re:rehab fan (Score 4, Insightful) 106

by LordKronos (#48643613) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

In college, I stopped watching television. Afterwards, it just struck me as stupid and self righteous, but maybe that was a reflection of society as a whole.

No, it's not a reflection of society as a whole. You were right the first was stupid and self righteous. But that's just what happens why you are young and stupid and get caught up in that whole "I'm too smart for anything on television, so I won't even own a TV" meme.

Comment: Re:Can you say... (Score 4, Informative) 266

by LordKronos (#48593577) Attached to: Judge Rules Drug Maker Cannot Halt Sales of Alzheimer's Medicine

2) I can cease production all I want and not have the patent voided, as long as I do not switch production to a different drug designed to do the same thing.

So, you were saying?

You really can't see the loophole in that? The new drug isn't designed to do the same thing. It would do something slightly different. Sure, you could try to reword that, but that's the difficulty with creating either get too broad and have unintended consequences, or you get too specific and someone finds a way around it on a technicality you didn't anticipate.

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141


Just to recap here, you have basically: 1.) said Apple stuff sucks in the middle of a thread almost designed to be a flame war invitation; 2.) refused to explain why you think Apple sucks with any specificity; and 3.) given a follow-up response akin to "I don't have to tell you why I don't like New Zealanders. Just Google 'New Zealand' and read until your heart is content.'"

You, sir/madam either 1.) win the Internet brilliant troll of the year award; or

Not at all. I never said apple sucks. Don't grab onto my usage of the word "flaws"...I wasn't the one who picked that word. The OP I replied to picked the word and implied one causation and I was just replying he had the causality backward. Then some AC (you? OP? someone else?) got all defensive about it, as if there's not a single logical reason in the world why someone would dislike apple products. I don't see why I'm supposed to provide some sort of dissertation as to why I have the opinion of Apple that I do. I certainly don't see you applying that same standard to the OP to which I was originally applying.

I don't see why you folks are getting your panties in a bunch just because someone doesn't hold Apple as their Lord and Savior.

2.) should ask yourself why you bothered posting not just one comment but also two responses as of this writing where you could have just explained your problems with Apple in less text than it took to explain why it was beneath you to explain why you wouldn't explain what your problem with Apple was why you wouldn't NOMAD DOES NOT COMPUTE. think making a post about specific problems with Apple would be SHORTER? Yeah, I'm sure that wouldn't start a flurry of replies telling me why I'm wrong. appears you are new here on slashdot, yet somehow you have a lower UID number than me.

But you are right in that this thread is getting a bit long. So, despite the fact I generally try to give other posters the courtesy of reading (and, when necessary, replying to) their posts when they took the time to reply to me, I won't extend that same courtesy to you.

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141

Don't go through your specific reasons of dissatisfaction just for me, do it for all the other readers, i'm sure they're interested.

Well, to those people I'll say this: Welcome to Slashdot. The topic has been posted about to death a billion times before. See that search box next to the logo at the top left of the page? Click there, type the word "Apple" and hit enter. Then read until your heart is content. You're welcome.

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 0) 141

It's hard to make a founded claim when there was little useful information in your post.

So, when you don't have anything to go on, instead of asking for more information you just make something up?

You've now covered off the time frame but none of the flaws you claim.

Nor will I. I have no interest in going through my specific reasons of dissatisfaction with you. I need neither your validation, nor for you to show me the error of my ways.

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141

Gee...and here I thought the premise of this thread was that it was Apple haters, not Apple lovers, making the unfounded claims.

In any case, it was only 2-3 years ago that I gave up on them (and before your rabid fanboy mind starts making more unfounded, I wasn't using 15 year old hardware).

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141

That's true. The 2 are correlated, but I suspect you have the causation backwards. It's not that the flaws affect us because we don't use Apple products, but rather that we don't use Apple products because the flaws affected us. At least that's the case for me. I actually gave Apple a shot for a few years, and the longer I did, the more I regretted it, so I'm done with them now.

Comment: I'm not sure that qualifies as a "rift" (Score 1) 69

by LordKronos (#48488987) Attached to: A Rift In OnePlus, Cyanogen Relationship

To me, that doesn't seem to be so much a "rift" as it is that Cyanogen had a couple of players to pick from, and the one they liked best wanted an exclusive arrangement, so the other lost out. Not surprising they'd pick the one with more experience in that market over the one that is just getting started.

Comment: Re:I decided against this phone AFTER pre-ordering (Score 1) 69

by LordKronos (#48488947) Attached to: A Rift In OnePlus, Cyanogen Relationship

With all the constant trouble I, and many others had with the pre order system, I decided to ditch these guys. Their customer service was not great, and to screw up the most basic part of any business (taking peoples money), I decided my best bet was to just get raped by one of the big 4, and buy a contract phone.

Sadly, I was looking forward to this phone for quite a while, but I'm tired of the mistakes and gimmicks for what amounts to last years phone.

Yes it was unfortunate that they had some issues on the payment processing, and it did result in some people getting their phones out of sequence (later purchasers got it shipped before earlier purchasers), and they handled the PR of it pretty badly (posting nothing on facebook/g+/forums etc, and the only info coming out was from an employee posting on reddit).

But even so, the vast majority of people got their phones shipped by the date they were promised. For the most part everyone ended up alright. And I must say, the phone is incredible. Especially the battery life. I've actually made it through 2 whole days without charging, and that even included a bit of actual use. Other phones I've had, even if I never turned the screen on, I'd be lucky to make it 36 hours.

The only thing that has really disappointed me about the phone is the slow-mo video capture (60fps or 120fps). When you turn those on, the video quality becomes terrible. 720p 120fps looks like a really bad 480p video, and 1080p 60fps isn't much better. Some people think there may be a software fix, and I hope I'm wrong, but my guess is that even with the reduced resolution, it's just too many frames to push through the video processor and it has to choose a really low bitrate to keep up. The 4k video at 30fps, however, is great. Super high bitrate too (I think my tests came out at something like 60-70 Mpbs).

Even if you didn't get raped elsewhere, I think it was a bad move to bail out on your preorder, but since you also got raped in the process....doubly bad move on your part. You let emotions overrule logic.

Comment: Re:Squarer is better. (Score 1) 330

by LordKronos (#48441805) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

I'd personally disagree that its a problem. In fact, one 16x9 still isn't wide enough. Two of them is ideal for me. The main monitor for my coding tool, and the 2nd monitor to have 2 web pages loaded side by side. In my main window, about 1/2 to 2/3 of the width is used for my actual code, and the rest used for other panel (project file list, debug panels, etc). If my 2nd monitor wasn't so wide, I either wouldn't have access to the extra panels, or I'd have to put them across the bottom (negating the advantage of making it taller).

Comment: Re:Amazon doens't charge the same price to everybo (Score 1) 287

Wrong. Amazon DOES charge the same price for everybody. They did experiment with different prices for different customers a few years back, but they got some bad media attention over it and discontinued it:

Comment: Re:Ok, they got ONE right... (Score 1) 257

by LordKronos (#48375583) Attached to: Internet Sales Tax Bill Dead In Congress

No, your local brick and mortar store is at a 15-30% disadvantage simply because they charge a lot more for most things.

It really depends on what you are talking about. Since having kids a few years back, I've been absolutely surprised how, at least 95% of the time, toys are cheaper at the local Toys R Us than they are at amazon or anyplace else online. And that's even if you include sales tax. And that doesn't even include the fact that TRU has 20% off coupons fairly often, and you get a couple % back if you have rewards card, and you can often find TRU gift cards 10-20% off (I don't see the same level of discounts on Amazon gift cards).

The two exceptions I've seen to that (ie: cheaper on amazon):
1) innotab games (which is sort of a toy, though falls more into the electronics category)
2) Thomas the Train wooden train cars

Other than those, I've only found a couple other random items cheaper on amazon. Everything else is cheaper at TRU

Comment: Re:Always except when it isn't (Score 1) 109

by LordKronos (#48324707) Attached to: Why the Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Apple Ads

'The word "is" denotes the present era.'

Which trivializes the use of "always" by shrinking the timespan, making the claim tautological. No one speaks English that way who is honestly trying to communicate.

Really? I think you might need a better grasp on usage of the word. Go look at the examples on OED, and you will see many example usages (even some from hundreds of years ago) where "always" does not work the way you seem to think it does.

And it is still factually incorrect, since the Apple Watch is shown at the traditional 10:09 time for watch displays. that I can't comment on. I'm not an apple fan, and don't pay attention to any of their advertising, so I wouldn't have a clue to the accuracy of the statement. I'm just speaking about the usage of the language in that particular instance, given the info that was presented there.

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