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Team Fortress 2 Beta Patch Adds Files Referring To Linux Support 58

Posted by Soulskill
from the let-the-speculation-commence dept.
New submitter spacenet writes "Valve has quietly released an update to the beta version of its popular online FPS Team Fortress 2. Among the modified files are some Linux-related files including a hardware driver compatibility list, optimal graphics settings, and a shell script launcher (previously only for OS X, now with a case for Linux as well). Valve has not updated their TF2 beta changelog, but has acknowledged the update in a forum post."

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 264 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the keep-your-cool dept.
In this week's Disagree Mail, I try to show the range of messages I get. It's not all angry or insane, sometimes it's sent to us for no apparent reason. We start off a little mad, slip into a whole bunch of crazy and finish with someone who has a complaint about racism at his favorite restaurant. Read below to get started.

Shrinky Dinks As a Threat To National Security 257

Posted by timothy
from the silly-putty-now-public-enemy-No.-2 dept.
InflammatoryHeadlineGuy writes "What do Shrinky Dinks, credit cards and paperclips have in common? They can all be used to duplicate the keys to Medeco 'high-security' locks that protect the White House, the Pentagon, embassies, and many other sensitive locations. The attack was demonstrated at Defcon by Marc Weber Tobias and involves getting a picture of the key, then printing it out and cutting plastic to match — both credit cards and Shrinky Dinks plastic are recommended. The paperclip then pushes aside a slider deep in the keyway, while the plastic cut-out lifts the pins. They were able to open an example lock in about six seconds. The only solution seems to be to ensure that your security systems are layered, so that attackers are stopped by other means even if they manage to duplicate your keys."

Large Hadron Collider Goes Live September 10th 409

Posted by timothy
from the get-your-affairs-in-order dept.
Naznarreb writes "CERN announced today that the first attempt to circulate a beam through the Large Hadron Collider will be on September 10th, 2008. You can read the press release here. They also announced the event will be webcast live. According to the release, they're just planning to run a few tests laps, not smash any particles, so the world won't be ending quite yet." And despite that September 10th date, according to the BBC, "On 9 August, protons will be piped through LHC magnets for the first time."

What Is the Best Way To Disinfect Your Laptop? 545

Posted by timothy
from the use-a-nice-strong-antivirus dept.
akutz writes "I've had the flu since Tuesday afternoon. My wife picked me up from work with a temperature of 103.6 and it finally broke at 98.7 around 3am this morning. Yay. The problem is that I used my laptop during my periods of feverish deliriousness, contaminating my shiny 15" MacBook Pro with the icky influenza virus. I am asking my fellow Slashdotters if they have ever sought out a good way of disinfecting their lucky laptops after an illness. Do you use soap? A light acid bath? Just get the family dog to lick it until it looks clean?"

+ - North Pole May Be Ice Free This Summer->

Submitted by
caffeinated seattlelite
caffeinated seattlelite writes ""Arctic warming has become so dramatic that the North Pole may melt this summer, report scientists studying the effects of climate change in the field. "We're actually projecting this year that the North Pole may be free of ice for the first time [in history]," David Barber, of the University of Manitoba, told National Geographic News aboard the C.C.G.S. Amundsen, a Canadian research icebreaker.""
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+ - Hardware security for World of Warcraft

Submitted by Snaller
Snaller (147050) writes "Since World of Warcraft became a massive success, hackers have created trojans who specifically target WoW players, and try to steal their login credentials. To combat this Blizzard has now created the "Blizzard Authenticator" which can be yours for 6.50 — when a user logs into the game they are directed to press a button on the token generator and will get a short one time code to enter. Those who are sure they will never get hacked are free to ignore this offer."

+ - IBM to Help Sequence the Chocolate Genome-> 1

Submitted by
Dekortage writes "The New York Times reports this morning that IBM will work with Mars — the candy company who makes M&Ms and Snickers, among other things — on a five year project to sequence the cocoa genome. According to Howard-Yana Shapiro, global director of plant science at Mars, the goal is to "discover the genetic building blocks of traits like disease and pest resistance, drought tolerance and perhaps flavor." Additionally, the project's results will be available for free from the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture."
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+ - BBC unveils iPlayer 2.0->

Submitted by
Barence writes "The BBC is preparing to unveil a new look iPlayer, integrating radio and television in a single interface. A beta version is due to launch later today and will run alongside the existing iPlayer for the next few weeks while the BBC gathers feedback. It promises "smoother and easier" navigation between TV and Radio programmes, while adding features."
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+ - blocked in mainland China->

Submitted by
gzipped_tar writes "SourceForge, the world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications, appears to be blocked in Mainland China.

The current blocking may be related to the recent anti-China protests of Beijing Olympic Games, which will begin on 8 August. Some days before, a very popular free source code editor in SourceForge named Notepad++ start to boycott Beijing 2008. The project's developer said that the action is not against Chinese people, but against Chinese government's repression against Tibetan unrest earlier in this year. has once been banned by China in 2002. However, the ban was lifted later in 2003.

Submitter's note: As a SourceForge user in Beijing, I can confirm this first-hand. I also tried traceroute to, only to find the connection being dropped at a Beijing ISP's gateway router. It appears that the projects' respective homepages are available even if they are hosted by SF, but the summary and download pages are blocked."

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+ - Explosive Volcanic Eruption Found Under Arctic Ice

Submitted by radioweather
radioweather (1088475) writes "An international team of researchers was able to provide evidence of explosive volcanism in the deeps of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean for the first time. Researchers from an expedition to the Gakkel Ridge, led by the American Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, report in the current issue of the journal Nature that they discovered, with a specially developed camera, extensive layers of volcanic ash on the seafloor, which indicates a gigantic volcanic eruption.

The Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and buried thriving Pompeii under a layer of ash and pumice. Far away in the Arctic Ocean, at 85 N 85 E, a similarly violent volcanic eruption happened almost undetected in 1999.

This discovery of a major volcanic eruption under sea ice is the second one this year, another active volcano was found in Antarctica under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by members of the British Antarctic Survey in January."

+ - One botnet sends 46 percent of all spam->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes " The Srizbi botnet seems unstoppable at the moment, if the Marshal TRACE research analysts are to be believed. It seems that the volume of malicious spam tripled in just one week (the second week of June, compared to the first) and that the Srizbi botnet is behind the jump. TRACE reckon it now accounts for distributing 46 percent of all the spam that flows through its monitoring kit and warns the crime gang behind it are on an expansion drive right now. Frightening stuff."
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+ - Liberation Fonts Increase Interoperability-> 1

Submitted by
hweimer writes "Most problems when opening Word documents under GNU/Linux are due to missing fonts. Therefore, Red Hat published a set of fonts metric-compatible with the Windows core fonts last year. However, there were some concerns regarding the licensing that prevented many other distros to ship them. We finally managed to settle these problems, leading to better document interoperability for all GNU/Linux users."
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