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Comment: Re:To be honest, (Score 1) 938

by LordEd (#38360582) Attached to: NTSB Recommends Cell Phone Ban For Drivers

In BC, we run the graduated license system: (http://www.icbc.com/licensing/lic_getlic_undglp.asp)

Step 1: Learner's licence. Must drive with a licensed driver + max 1 other passenger. 0% tolerance on alcohol and no cell phone/mobile devices (hands free or other) use. Also a limit on driving hours (not early AM). Lasts minimum 12 months (http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/getting-licensed/graduated-licensing/learners-stage). Need to carry a "L" sign on your car to let other drivers know you are a new driver.

Step 2: Novice license. Drop the licensed driver supervisor and driving hour restriction. (http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/getting-licensed/graduated-licensing/novice-stage). Lasts 24 months (reduce by 6 months with driving courses). Need to carry a "N" on your car to let other drivers know you are a new driver.

Step 3: Take a test and you get your full license.

Not quite every 10 years, but a harder entrance.

+ - Vancouver riot over - Online riot in full swing

Submitted by LordEd
LordEd writes: Similar to the Cooks Source Magazine incident, the Vancouver riots have again woken up the Internet, and it wants blood.

Nathan Kotylak, a 17 year old water polo star, was caught in a photo attempting to set a police car on fire. The facebook group Vancouver Riot Pics: Post Your Photos has been posting Nathan's identity for several days. He was forced to make a public apology which required him to take the unusual step of having to get a court order to do so (the Canadian Young Offenders Act normally protects his identity from media). The family now reports having to flee the city fearing violence because their names, home address, and phone number are posted online.

Connor Mcilvenna was discovered by the Facebook group to have made 'pro-riot' status comments. While not illegal, it motivated at least 100 people to send emails to Connor's employer, resulting in his immediate dismissal.

The efforts have resulted in many being turned in or turning themselves in, but will the online riot spill over into real acts of violence or revenge?

Comment: Re:It isn't really a coupon, it's a gift certifica (Score 1) 209

by LordEd (#36064160) Attached to: Groupon Deal Costs Photographer a Year's Free Work

Its not really a gift certificate. You aren't buying something at $1 in == $1 out. You're pre-buying a meal, product or package at x% less than the marked price, pre-paying for it, and getting the discounted rate according to a set of listed terms.

If you get a hotel room at the internet pre-pay non-refundable rate and decide not to stay there, you don't get a refund either.


Actor Leslie Nielsen Dies at 84 167

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the definitely-will-be-missed dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Famous actor Leslie Nielsen died of pneumonia at a Florida hospital Sunday evening. Leslie was renowned for his comedic roles in dozens of films and TV shows, such as The Naked Gun and Police Squad. His characteristic style and humor was always enjoyable, and he will be sorely missed." Of course you might also remember him from The Forbidden Planet, which is classic sci-fi by any measure.

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