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Comment: Journals (Score 1) 10

by LordBodak (#33046736) Attached to: What is it with everybody offering insurance?

(and the final rant: it's getting to the point where about the only time I feel like posting on /. is here, due to the mod-bombing, bullshit, and stupidity on the main pages.)

That's been a pretty common sentiment in the journal circle for years now. I can't remember the last time I went anywhere on /. besides friends' journals.

Comment: Re:In this case, yes (Score 1) 12

by LordBodak (#30835832) Attached to: What is the opposite of ...
There's no way the bill will be rewritten significantly in conference. The only option are to pass the reconciled version when it comes back, or kill it. Killing it means introducing new legislation which likely won't happen until the next Congress in January. Passing it does no good, because modifying it would still require new legislation that again won't happen until the next Congress.

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