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Comment: Re:The diet is unimportant... (Score 1) 286

by beelsebob (#47806895) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

No, exercise is not it. I mean, it does burn calories. But it's far harder to get thin by exercising more than it is to do so by eating less.

For example, even a relatively fit person will walk at 4-5mph at most. At that speed, they'll do about 10,000 steps in an hour. That's one hour to burn a whole 400 calories. If they run, they might make that half an hour, but that assumes that their cardiovascular system is up to running for half an hour straight, which lets face it. No fat person's is.

Alternatively, they can make the same dent in their net calories for the day by simply not eating one chocolate bar.

Exercise is great for you - but it's great for getting fit. Not great for getting thin.

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by beelsebob (#47802213) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

There's a much easier solution, already in operation - pumped hydro power plants. They're hydro electric power stations, but when there's a surplus of supply, they pump water up into their reservoir. When peaks of power production are needed, they generate. They can be turned on at a moments notice (all it takes is opening a sluice, and dropping the water), and can store vast amounts of energy.

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by timholman (#47797327) Attached to: The Apache Software Foundation Now Accepting BitCoin For Donations

Bonkers like Newegg, and Dish Network? Both of which accept bit coin.

No, they accept USD, or whatever fiat currency they specify, with a transaction processor like Bitpay converting BTC to fiat on the spot.

Lots of companies "accept" BTC that way, but they're really getting paid in some national currency. It is rather disingenuous of people to claim otherwise.

And yes, a company would be bonkers to accept, and keep, anything as volatile as BTC.


States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths 213

Posted by Soulskill
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An anonymous reader writes: Narcotic painkillers aren't one of the biggest killers in the U.S., but overdoses do claim over 15,000 lives per year and send hundreds of thousands to the emergency room. Because of this, it's interesting that a new study (abstract) has found states that allow the use of medical marijuana have seen a dramatic reduction in opioid overdose fatalities. "Previous studies hint at why marijuana use might help reduce reliance on opioid painkillers. Many drugs with abuse potential such as nicotine and opiates, as well as marijuana, pump up the brain's dopamine levels, which can induce feelings of euphoria. The biological reasons that people might use marijuana instead of opioids aren't exactly clear, because marijuana doesn't replace the pain relief of opiates. However, it does seem to distract from the pain by making it less bothersome." This research comes at a time when the country is furiously debating the costs and benefits of marijuana use, and opponents of the idea are paying researchers to paint it in an unfavorable light.

Comment: Re:If true, it is no longer the case with new devi (Score 1) 194

by beelsebob (#47756669) Attached to: $75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

No, no it's not security through obscurity. It's security through something you know - a perfectly valid method of securing something. Of course, it would be nice if in this case, you could change the thing you're supposed to know to be different to the device's serial number.

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