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Submission + - Are plugins preventing GPL programs from using oth (

Lord Lode writes: An online book at and a discussion thread at show that Audacity cannot use FFTW, because Audacity supports plugins. Both Audacity and FFTW are under GPL. So one GPL program is not allowed to use other GPL code if it supports plugins using dynamic libraries. This looks like a handicap to GPL'ed software. Isn't the GPL shooting itself in the foot with this?

Submission + - What is it with Slashdot rendering problems?

Lord Lode writes: During the last half year of Slashdot usage, I've seen many different rendering issues with Slashdot. The tag interface below articles showed up wrong. There have been javascripts on the main page that take a minute to load on some computers, while not affecting the same browser on other computers. There are random misplaced grey rectangles and colored pills behind the text of comments in articles currently. It's not so that I'm visiting Slashdot with exotic webbrowsers, just in a plain and simple Firefox 3.0 these rendering issues show up.

What is going on with Slashdot? Is the site not tested in different browsers before changes are released to the public? Six months of rendering issues for such a large and popular site is really something strange on the internet.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.