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Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 349

by Lord Lemur (#47774311) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

I get the pro-business shills, really I do. Every business must cover their cost in order to operate, and that is going to be passed to consumers. I understand that some of the people spouting this even think of themselves as “Free Market Capitalists.” Of course you aren’t, by Adam Smith’s definition of a free-market.
What they are doing is anti-competitive. By obscuring what is being charged for they make it more difficult for the consumer to act with full knowledge of the market place, a basic and defining characteristic of a free market. There isn't a problem with them charging for fixed costs, or incorporating those costs into what they charge, the problem is deceptively marketing that charge. If your cost per GB is X with Vendor X and 1.10X with Vendor Y, but Vendor X add 15% overhead to their count of GB's they are more expensive then Vendor Y.
This is a market inefficacy, and this is why Adam Smith called for regulation. The Neo-Con, and Tea-Party version of Free Market diverge from the classical meaning of a Free Market. If you just let everyone lie, cheat and steal, then the market’s get confused. If you regulate against anti-competitive actions, and enforce adherence you get better outcomes.

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I hope he absolutely crushes Sony. And the 2.1 Million (not-well-varified number) class of people who purchased the game get some non-single-digit payout. It was a selling point for the P4, also made by Sony. They don't really have any wiggle room on any misstatement. Should he get 5MegaBucks, probably not.

Comment: Re:Culture of DoD and plain text drone feeds (Score 1) 27

Your looking at the wrong side of the encryption issue. The hardening of systems, the seperation of information and the certainty that it will fail safe (without intervention) if compromised (in the air, on the ground or after certain types of crash, but not from combat damage.) are significant issues.

I beleive they should have been, but delaying a weapon system by 2 years during a time of war was not a tenable choice for those who got to decide.

Comment: Re:ROI for drug development (Score 1) 390

by Lord Lemur (#47607207) Attached to: "Secret Serum" Used To Treat Americans With Ebola

If every drug failed on the final steps of approval, and the triple net profits weren't about 7 times higher then average, maybe. Sometimes there is a moral impartive that any person (read as Corporation in this context) should take a non-maximal position in-order to limit the pain and suffering of others.

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