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by Lord Kano (#46750207) Attached to: Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi


Reliving past glory.

Interest in computing history.

Some guys collect classic cars even though newer cars can get better mileage and have lower emissions.

Some people like to make their own cabinets, even though it's cheaper and easier to go to Ikea.

I collect WWI/WWII vintage guns. I have guns made as far back as 1923 even though a new AR is cheap, easy and available.


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by Lord Kano (#46738209) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

Yeah, if things are so dire that computers magically disappear for decades, the concomitant disappearance of advanced agriculture, etc., will mean the lingering miserable death of probably 90% of the developed world.

In these terms, the question becomes "Does your skill set allow you to be in the 10% that lives?"

In neither of these cases will your soldering hobby become the salvation of your village

Your gardening hobby might mean that you have the skill set to grow enough food that you don't starve. Your neighbor's military background might mean that your crops don't get stolen before you can harvest them. The geek down the street might have the knowledge to convert your solar walkway lights into battery chargers for the 2-way radios the prepper two blocks away has in his garage.

All of this, of course, supposes that the scenario that brings about TEOTWAWKI doesn't somehow instantly convert most of the population into flesh eating zombies.

while Julie the prom queen gives you deep throat.

That ship has sailed. The time for deep throat was when she didn't have to whore herself for survival. If Julie can't contribute, her fee is anal. All anal, all the time.


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We make a lot of noise about a person's political activity when they're going to get appointed to a position of authority in the government, like the Surgeon General nominee that conservatives are trying very hard to torpedo.

A person's politics shouldn't have any bearing on their employment in the private sector.


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by Lord Kano (#46710657) Attached to: How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

Maybe, for me, this is more about "minority culture" in general than "deaf culture" in particular. "Deaf Culture" is an adaptation for people who can't hear. Once you can hear, you no longer need the social adaptation.

I'm a member of a minority. For those of you who don't know, I'm black. At one time, black people were denied access to educational opportunities an that in turn lead to fewer career prospects. My parents and grandparents worked very, VERY hard to give me opportunities and I took advantage of them. I finished high school. I attended college. I earned a Master of Science degree. Consequently, I have a pretty good job. I've been accused of turning my back on "African American culture" because I speak like I paid attention in school. I don't use the "What up dawgg?" vernacular that some other people (who happen to look kind of like me) do. I have been accused of having "forgotten where you came from", as if I didn't come from a middle-income, racially diverse suburb.

Once we were no longer denied access to quality education, it was no longer necessary to speak AAVE (African American Vernacular English) or "Ebonics" that some people like to call it. We were able to learn standard American English and it benefits one to do so.

I understand the desire for deaf people to adopt the mantra "There's nothing 'wrong' with the way we are." but in reality there is. You can't hear!

I'm sorry if people take it personally that their social adaptation is becoming less necessary for future generations. I'm sorry that they feel lonely or abandoned. This is a good thing. This is progress. This means that fewer people will have to live with the handicap(sorry for the loaded term) of not being able to hear.


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So when judges rule in a way you don't like it's judicial activism?

Not always but in this case it was. The judge was not impartial. He was a gay man who exploited his position to further the cause. It wasn't just his vision of what ought to be, it was a decision in which he had a personal stake. People get bent out of shape that Clarence Thomas used to work for Monsanto, it would be like if he still consulted for them while on the bench.

For example if you were a bartender you could use adult language with customers and not get fired, while if you were a mascot at an amusement park you couldn't.

If there are behavioral guidelines in place, that's true.

I can't show up to work in a french maid outfit and keep my job while a stripper can.

If there's a dress code where you work.

I could, however, star in porn videos in my free time and keep my job while a Disney pop idol couldn't.

Two words, "Morals Clauses". Three more words "Disney uses them".

Are you getting the idea?

Yes. That you're grasping at straws.

In some jobs there are restrictions in what's allowed both on and off the job for PR reasons.

This has nothing to do with that. This was legal, ethical behavior that took place several years before he was employed by Mozilla. After a modern-day witch hunt and lynching, he was forced out of a job that he was eminently qualified for and that's wrong.


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