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User Journal

Journal: Metamoderators, please read.

Journal by Lord Kano

This journal entry is for metamoderators.

I hold some political beliefs that are unpopular. For several years, there has been a campaign to destroy my karma because of them. Approximately once per week, someone gets mod points and goes back and mods down my posts. I'm not saying that every one of my posts is brilliantly insightful or informative. I am not above occasionally being flippant or stooping to the level of a troll, but many of my on-topic posts are moderated as off topic and many serious discussions are moderated as trolls.

If you see such an example, please metamoderate it as unfair.

Thank you.

United States

Journal: George W Bush! 7

Journal by Lord Kano

I couldn't be happier about the presidential election. GWB is the winner. With one supreme court justice in poor health and several others who are well past the average life expectance for Americans, it couldn't be more important to have him in the White House and a Republican majority in congress.

We can get a clear majority on the supreme court. We can get Roe V. Wade reversed and let the states decide for themselves on the issue of abortion.

It's going to be at least 4 more years before anyone tries to ban any guns.

We can breathe a breath of fresh air because the issues that are important to us are on the table.

The thing I like best about President Bush is that he's our Bill Clinton. No matter how much the other side hates him, it only makes them look worse. I was a dedicated Clinton hater. I even bought a bottle of wine that I'm saving until the day he dies. Now I can be as smug as the democrats were on Nov 3 1996.

Talk about a mandate to lead.