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Comment Re:Good on Brendan (Score 1) 223

I've looked at his offering, and it's a step in the right direction. It's not as aggressive as what I currently do using Mozilla, but again, it's better than the default. Whenever I visit people at home, they inevitably ask me to look at their computers and I'm always horrified by the shear amount of dreck online compared to my own laptop. I leave them with no tracking, no ads, you name it. Another happy "customer"
There's a difference between making a living and making a killing. Shareholders are the moral death to any company.

This. Pardon my "me too," but, there's no mods above "5," so there we are...

Comment Re:So it DIDN'T work (Score 1) 91

I had a terrific, once in a lifetime, ruse that I pulled to get 4 backstage passes and ten comps in the audience, for the Police, playing The Theatre St-Denis in Montreal, back in the Summer before their Synchronicity LP was released. Too long, and involved (typing wise) for here, but if I can sort out whether I'll be able to link to a pastebin, from here on /. then I'll pop back in with it. It's a fun read, though, I guarantee it!

Comment Re: protect your privacy with a knife. Try it (Score 1) 84

10.5 is now out of long term support for the most part, and subsequent versions past 10.7 ignore the hosts file


Totally by coincidence, I tested my Hosts file this morning. I'd used "org" instead of "com" on an URL, and was re-directed to some fake-ass MS "test your system security" page. Took the first part of the "DNS/MiM" domain name, added it to Hosts, reloaded Firefox, retyped the same errant address, and got... No new tab, no "Can't find server," and, of course, no fake assed web page at all. Nothing, as in zero.

Oh, and my Little Snitch network monitor showed zero bytes up or down after I hit Return on the "bad" addy

OS X 10.11.1 Beta (15B22c)

Nice try, though... uh, sort of.

Comment Re:And continues... (Score 1) 213

Here's something that fixes all the problems, is compatible with most smartphones and is available today: a bluetooth earpiece.

Ah yes.... Bluetooth.

I'm an old guy, ex-musician (still playing, but..) and I fell into the world of hearing aids a while back. When folks ask about how I lost my hearing, or was I "born that way," etc, I usually just say... "Mesa Boogie."

I do have issues with Bluetooth (reliability, limited bandwidth in some cases, etc) but there is nothing like in-ear monitoring for everything from voice, to soundtracks, or programmed music.

My fallback, with the phone, is "speaker." But for that clarity, that some dynamic range and near-field sound pressure levels can really enhance, there's nothing like high end hearing aids with BT or a direct feed through a 3.5mm cable (cabling into a separate antenna/controller/program switcher device). Mmmmmmm...

Comment Re:The problem is the ... (Score 1) 143

Sorry I can't help you more; but

Thanks anyway. I usually let a lot of mine expire, also. I'll carry on in my sometimes-interested fashion. I do, though, make a point of up-modding some of the "down" mods that are clearly based on grudges or some misguided attempt at retribution or whatever it is that those people think they're "accomplishing."

Comment Re:The problem is the ... (Score 1) 143

My point was that the comment wasn't "Informative". It was merely "Argumentative" ...

Aha! You sound like you understand the moderation system. I get mod points all the time (or every three days it seems), but I generally mod things as "Interesting," assuming I find the point or idea interesting, whether I agree with it or not.

But I am very curious. What might be the easiest distinction between "Insightful," and "Informative?" And, where does "Interesting" fit in the scheme of things?

If you have time I'd seriously appreciate guidance, or even better (timewise) a link to guidelines up here, if they exist. Thanks, either way!

Comment Re:oops (Score 1) 440

i hear hissing sounds from the apple camp.

Hahaha, good one; that's sorta funny.

Not sure where this "camp" you refer to is located, but as a computer owner since Apple ][ days, you wanna know what I hear (in my milieu)?

Well, I'll tell you... anyway. What I hear is, "Who the fuck didn't already know this, about 30 fucking years ago?"

Comment Re:Jail broken devices? (Score 2) 217

I can give you plenty of reasons for jailbreaking:..

Thank you, AC. Finally, someone who actually knows something about the issue takes the time to respond.

As for most of the rest of you...

I've been jailbreaking my iPhones for years. Why? Simple aesthetic reasons, for the most part, and a few minor enhancements for keyboard layout, select/copy/paste routines, and minor, but very useful tweaks of the Control Center, App Switcher, OneTouch ID, Notifications, etc. Not to mention "hiding" some of the bullshit cruft "apps" that clutter up my situation.

Apple, as usual, decides how the device will look and feel, and allows almost no "real" customization of the iPhone desktop, navigation, power switching (On/Off/Restart/Springboard relaunch), etc.

I want... check that, demand... a transparent Dock, unlimited nested folders without that hideous gray background blur, no resource-killing "animations," no auto-redirect to "App Store," and a number of other personalized processes and "look and feel" adjustments that are ONLY available on the iOS to jailbroken hardware. Period.

If kids, or old farts, for that matter, want to jailbreak so they can avoid paying... what(?) 99 cents or two bucks for some apps, and they get burned using some obscure Chinese software repository, who gives a fuck? I don't.

I don't like my homescreen being cluttered up with icons. If Jonny Ive thinks that's cool, and Apple agrees to the point of not allowing the simplest, safe mods, well fuck him and them too. Once I buy the phone (outright, no subsidy), that bitch is mine.

Pardon my french, you know, but it's bad enough we have to wade through all the fucking horseshit that does, indeed, exist in the JB "community," without having to listen to misinformed luddites, and chickenshits posturing about how bad it all is or how these "kids" you all speak of, get what you think they "deserve." If you're getting ready to chime in on moralistic bullshit, about a simple issue of choice, well then, fuck you, too, in advance.

I feel better. Oh, and by the way, almost all of the serious root-level exploits that Apple has "patched," now, for years, have come courtesy of the JB underground. You're welcome... assholes.

Comment Re:They _ARE_ strangling (Score 1) 258

I'm sorry, what?

I could be wrong, but I believe the poster was referring to the idea that "class" (whether in terms of disparity, privilege, warfare, etc) is what's killing people. You know, allowing them to have malnourished kids, filling up prisons with people who can't afford proper representation, jails with people who can't afford bail on minor charges, poor health care... etc., etc.

Race, gender, "rights," (or, as they're sometimes characterized, "wedge issues") DO distract people from underlying issues.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 1) 391

Same with instrument cables. No, a brand new expensive guitar cable does not sound better than a cheap one.

Although I generally agree, the fact is there are degrees of what constitutes "expensive" and of course, the nature of the guitar pickups, local environmental factors, and, last but not least, little things like anti-RFI on the guitars own guts, and the integrity of the amplification unit... all bear a huge responsibility as far as the presence, or lack of, "interference."

Having played electrics, more on than off, since about 1965, I've seen my fair share of musical instrument hype. And at times I've tried all sorts of devices, wiring schemes, ground lifters, and yup, expensive cables. And it usually boiled down to: physically moving around to find a sweet spot.

But, I am currently doing my limited "plugged-in" practice in a room with funky old electrical wiring, playing on a number of single-coil Fenders, through an old Ampeg that dates back to somewhere between '68 and '72... and the situation, powered up, whether the guitars volume pots are full open, or closed, is... whisper quiet. No 60-cycle hum, no RFI. Nada.

After all these years, frankly, it's a bit startling. The only actual circuit change? Klotz cables (their higher-end model). Silly pricey. No phony "gold" connectors.No ultra-thick wrapped copper (as in bogus "Monster" stuff). As a matter of fact, they don't even tangle like normal cables. And I'm using one to run into a small (5 or 6 unit) pedalboard, that has nothing but 9-volt batteries, and no ground lifting whatsoever, and another Klotz running out of that to the front-end of the VT-22, with precious little attenuation, and no "noise suppression" or "gates," at all.

Different strokes...

Comment Re:Slashdot is guilty too (Score 1) 394

Thanks for the insights regarding traffic on roads. But, as a driver, here in California, I have to say that any great ideas that are dependent upon "educated drivers who obey the rules of the roads" is doomed. For instance, turn "signals," here, means "as you begin the actual turn, flip on your signal."

They "obey" the rule, they just lack a fundamental understanding of what the rule is supposedly for. It seems minor,but it contributes to lack of safety, and is murder in terms of "anticipatory" traffic flow decision-making on the part of other drivers.

Graft, in the mass transit area of the transportation world, is a major factor in everything from where subway/metro/light rail stops will be, or even "might" be, located, to which business areas will, or not be, inconvenienced by construction.

Thanks again...

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