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Operating Systems

Submission + - VmwAROS Reaches 1.0!

Lord Crowface writes: "The leading distribution of the open source Amiga-like OS known as AROS has reached version 1.0. New features include a pretty new iconset, various bugfixes, new and updated applications and a more complete development environment that is finally good enough to compile the OS itself. More informations and downloads are available at"
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Great games to put on a Free PC. 6

Lumpy writes: I am giving several new Pc's to a local charity that will be giving them to needy kids this Xmas. They are not powerful, basically baseline Dells that have intel graphics and Celeron, but more than enough to do homework and other studies on. They are going out with XP on them, and a Ubuntu CD. as well as a bunch of OSS software like OO.o and the others.. But I would like to include some games for the kids. Strategy, fun, etc... Great freeware games that are fun to play. Anyone have a list of the best games that a 13-16 year old will like to play that are free and legal to give away?

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