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+ - Pathscale Goes Open Source->

Submitted by Lord Crowface
Lord Crowface (1315695) writes "Performance-hungry computer users have a new choice when compiling their weather simulations and raytracers at home: PathScale has just announced the open source release of their flagship Pathscale EKOPath 4 compiler suite. Any bets on how long it takes before some Gentoo fan tries to compile a kernel with this?"
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Operating Systems

+ - VmwAROS Reaches 1.0!

Submitted by
Lord Crowface
Lord Crowface writes "The leading distribution of the open source Amiga-like OS known as AROS has reached version 1.0. New features include a pretty new iconset, various bugfixes, new and updated applications and a more complete development environment that is finally good enough to compile the OS itself. More informations and downloads are available at"

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