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Comment Backups and online? (Score 1) 552 552

I have multiple backups in seperate locations and online redundancy (saving 50 past versions of the file, in case of damage, deletes or errors). One offsite backup is a passive one (in case of a systemwide hack) that cannot be accessed from the outside through the net. And this is just for my personal stuff...I'd expect an important person like Linus Thorvald to have a minimum of a basic backup or at least a NAS or online storage.

Comment A 20 year old (Score 1) 2987 2987

A 20 year old can't just easily get multiple firearms and a bulletproof vest unless there's a large enough legal market to make a huge supply. A psykopath was arrested last year here for assaulting multiple caseworkers. He said he wanted to kill all of them, but he was too chicken to use a knife and while he tried to get several firearms, it was just too difficult for him to get, so he as a desperate last effort tried unarmed assault. Many lives were saved because guns were hard to obtain.

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