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+ - Czech EU Presidency a Disaster for the Internet?->

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Glyn Moody
Glyn Moody writes "The first details of the tech priorities of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union have emerged — and they don't look good. As well as "protecting" intellectual monopolies, the Czechs want to push through the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), build on the efforts of the preceding French Presidency (such as "Three Strikes and You're Out") and — of course — shield children from "illegal" content online. Could this be the worst EU presidency for the Internet so far?"
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+ - Why UNIX is superior to MAN->

Submitted by Aike
Aike (666) writes "MAN has two kind of processes, male and female. Many processes have the same name which makes it difficult to keep processes apart. Especially the male typed processes have a small name lookup table. There's no real scheduling. Some processes tend to behave like masters, while most of the other processes run in slave mode. When a master process exits, a state called anarchism arises. A successful call to war(1) spawns a new master process. Processes communicate with a type-specific protocol. The female protocol seems to use more bandwidth than the male equivalent. It's also quite awkward that the boolean type seems to be inverted. Communication between the two process types is possible, but might randomly call yell(2), cry(2) or even kill(2) in some cases."
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Sun Microsystems

+ - OpenSolaris Distros Explored->

Submitted by Nate2
Nate2 (666) writes "While Sun continues to push OpenSolaris as an alternative to Linux and *BSD, hobbyists around the net are making their own spin-offs from the Unix flavour. Linux Format has a look at some of the most notable, including MilaX, Belenix and Nexenta. Is more distros merrier, or should the community be careful to avoid presenting new users with a bewildering array of respins?"
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