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+ - CERN creates, captures antimatter for 1000 seconds->

An anonymous reader writes: By cooling the antiprotons down to -70 degrees C and the positrons down to -230 degrees C, the team managed to coax the two antiparticles together to form antihydrogen. The researchers then turned down the temperature again to -272 degrees C, cold enough to rob the antihydrogen atoms of enough energy that they could be trapped in a strong electromagnetic field, generated by superconducting magnets.
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Comment: Re:that's UAE's internal matter (Score 1) 183 183

Not sure what power he's being returned to. His dad, Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad al-Qassim, is the current ruler and has been since 1948. Sheikh Khalid was only Crown Prince, so even if he got that back, how much power would he have.

Could be interesting in a couple of weeks when I visit :)

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