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Comment Re:Or maybe they did their research? (Score 1) 301

Why yes, obviously the only place the newspaper could have discovered this is your blog. Nobody involved in as non-technical field as the *press* could ever have heard of whois, or the many web interfaces to that command. You are right in assuming that you are the only person who was curious about this ad campaign to do even the most rudimentary amount of research.

Unless you have logs showing hits from IPs that resolve as being at the paper, I think Occam's Razor applies.

It turns out he does have logs showing hits from the LIP 10 minutes before they published their own story.

Comment Summary wrong, not so bleak (Score 3, Informative) 947

Unsurprisingly, the summary is wrong. 28% actively teach evolution as if it is a correct theory, 60% teach both evolution and ID and do not make claims as to their validity. The last 12% actually only teach creationism. All of this survey was done with biology highschool teachers.