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Comment Fun... (Score 1) 108

[...] and I think that's going to send a lot of geophysicists back to the drawing board.

And they will love it, any (true) scientist like facts or even hints that question current theories.
I bet some of them started already with a huge grin on their face.

Comment "Unpowered" Energy ;) (Score 0) 128

This must be some new kind of energy ...
Every system you want to gain energy from has to be loaded with energy first. Both isn't possible without losing energy, at least in our universe which means any additional device on the human body makes the body lose more energy.

And probably completely unrelated:
The original article appeared on Nature on April 1st.

Comment Re:What's Unique To Goto? (Score 1) 677

Your example is just bad and exactly a reason why some people should avoid goto by all means.

First, a 'return' between allocating memory and cleaning up? Hello memory leaks!
Second, if you have a more complex program flow which allocates more 'bufs', do you really want 15 different gotos and labels)?
Do you, after 6 months, remember which 'buf' is allocated where and make changes? Even more so, do you think someone else finds your code easy to understand?

I don't mind gotos at all if used properly (e.g., cleanup) at all, so try this instead:

(allocate memory, etc)

if (shit_happens) goto cleanup;
br> cleanup:
if (buf1) free( buf1);
if (buf2) free(buf2);

Comment Re:Jesus, we're fucked. (Score 5, Interesting) 351

80%?! 80% of Americans are unfamiliar with one of, if not *the* most fundamental concepts of biology?

Recently I explained to a friend why you shouldn't freeze some fruit, because the water will break the cells and the fruit will become mushy.
Her reply: "What are cells?"
After a few moments of baffled silence, I tried to explain how cells are the base "Lego bricks" for all life.
Next she asked "So if you eat cells, it's good for you?"

Comment Re:Entropy underlies all? (Score 1) 197

... It just means we probably can't tell if we're in a simulation because we're defining reality as simulate-able.

Our universe being a simulation is certainly an interesting idea.
However I somewhat cringe at the thought of myself running on the equivalent of a 14 yo alien's PC while his mother yells "Come up for dinner now or I'll come town and pull the plug!"

Comment Re:10 Year Anniversary (Score 1) 51

It is a widespread misconception that Inuit have dozens of names for snow. They don't have significantly more words than plain English.
However their language allows to combine words into a new noun, examples in English would probably work like this:

"snow on ground" -> "groundsnow"
"falling snow" -> "fallsnow"

Comment Re:Spiked tyres and featered tread and higher sili (Score 1) 139

Better tyres yes, spiked tyres depends.
They make sense in areas/countries with low population density and snow covered roads.
On mostly ice/snow free streets they wear down any pavement quite fast, resulting in street repair costs magnitudes higher than the initial savings during winter.
That and they are really shitty compared to normal tyres when you brake.

I've got a bad feeling about this.