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Comment: Re:10 Year Anniversary (Score 1) 51

by Longjmp (#46066443) Attached to: 'Opportunity' Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Roving Mars
It is a widespread misconception that Inuit have dozens of names for snow. They don't have significantly more words than plain English.
However their language allows to combine words into a new noun, examples in English would probably work like this:

"snow on ground" -> "groundsnow"
"falling snow" -> "fallsnow"

Comment: Re:Spiked tyres and featered tread and higher sili (Score 1) 139

by Longjmp (#45804939) Attached to: Wisconsin Begins Using Cheese To De-Ice Roads
Better tyres yes, spiked tyres depends.
They make sense in areas/countries with low population density and snow covered roads.
On mostly ice/snow free streets they wear down any pavement quite fast, resulting in street repair costs magnitudes higher than the initial savings during winter.
That and they are really shitty compared to normal tyres when you brake.

Comment: Re:Feeling justified in eschewing e-books (Score 1) 120

by Longjmp (#45785039) Attached to: E-Books That Read You

Would you like to participate in an experiment? Good!
On the count of three, throw your e-reader at the wall. I'll throw a printed book at the wall. Does yours still work? Mine does! [...]

I'm deeply impressed how you managed to get your post as a written letter delivered to slashdot via snail-mail. and have them type it in for you ;)

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by Longjmp (#45679535) Attached to: Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars

* I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think that the pronunciation change is more noticeable in US media.

Well, the British are famous for some pronunciations too, especially when it comes to town names.
Just look at the nice little town of Littlelancfordupstratdoushire, pronounced "oi".

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by Longjmp (#45331735) Attached to: One In Five Sun-Like Stars May Have an Earth-Like Planet

Nothing with mass can ever reach c.

Easy solution. Just prepare a spaceship with a catwalk, and use some of the already anorexic wannabe fashion models as astronauts, promising them they'll get themselves as cover on Vanity (or whatever).
By the time they are nearing C, their mass will be zero.
Problem solved.

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by Longjmp (#45220471) Attached to: Dolphins' Hunting Technique Inspires New Radar Device
Since none of the articles explains technical details, I can only speculate about the dolphins (which is more interesting anyway).
If their second "click" is used as a reference signal, i.e., the signal itself, not its echo, it could be used not only to invert the first signal and filter out the noise, but also give information about the distance:
Depending on when the reflected echo comes in - delayed (and overlaid) - to the reference (second) signal it would also account for the distance of the target.

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