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Comment It's not that hard, really. (Score 1) 38

To sidewalk, you move the left foot to the left, or the right foot to the right, then the other foot follows. Repeat.

Don't need a lab to work that out.

How that's supposed to help the cities in the future? Perhaps because they'll be really crowded with little space to move.

Comment Re:"XOR"? WTF? This thing is a "Vigenère ciph (Score 1) 277

Still, that's pretty good for it's time. It took over 300 years for the general break to be published. Look at how quickly todays security is cracked and published, one ofter the other. I tell ya, they just don't make cryprographers like they used to.

Comment Re:My LED bulb didn't last! (Score 1) 328

I have also had to replace several in much less time than they were supposed to last, so perhaps they're working better for some homes than for others.

I wonder if it could be more to do with how often they're switched on/off. Looking at the other comment branch describing good experiences, it looks like they often leave those lights on for long periods of time.

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