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Comment Re:cube (Score 1) 55

I am sorry, but if the gamecube controller is your favorite controller to date, then I would not put much faith into your controller expertise.

What is it with Nintendo and their gimmicky controllers? I have owned every single Nintendo console (except handhelds), and their controllers have gotten progressively worse. The NES controller was great, and so was the SNES controller. The N64 controller was okay...it had a lot of buttons, and took some getting used to, but the awesome games for the N64 sorta made up for it.

Then there's the Gamecube controller...oh man, the gamecube controller. First off, the things do not last. They're built like crap. Not to mention they look like they were designed by a guy with Tourette's (although I may be insulting people with Tourette's everywhere by saying this). There are random buttons in the stupidest places, they turned the c-buttons into some whacked out half-joystick, and you have to push the L and R buttons about 8 feet into the controller before they register.

The Wii controller is kinda...bleh. The entire console is designed around the controller, and it works great for Wii sports and similar games. Smash, though, looks iffy. It's like a backwards step technologically. There are half as many buttons available to you, you're stuck with a D-pad instead of a joystick, and the 'throw' button is hard to reach. Not to mention the lack of ergonomics (which is important when you play as much Smash as I do).

I'll probably end up using the classic controller for Smash. It looks like they're struggling to make do with the lack of buttons on the standard Wiimote.

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