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+ - How can I get into the field of Computer Forensics

Submitted by LlamaZorz
LlamaZorz (1717784) writes "I am a recent CS graduate, who has a deep interest in computer forensics. Sadly I have no mentors or guidance in the subject and the Internet as of now has not really been acting as a good substitute. I read many periodicals and spend some time in irc security channels, but in general people tend to be very reluctant to give advice(protecting themselves I assume). I think I would be happy giving this discipline a try as a career, but I need some sort of guidance on where to go next. There is just so much information, it is impossible for a human to learn it all at once, and I am quite overwhelmed in it. I also have no idea how to get into the field itself, I see no job classifieds in the field. So Slashdot do you have any advice and guidance for somebody like me?

Thank you all."

Comment: Re:Why do we even take notes? (Score 1) 569

by LlamaZorz (#31058320) Attached to: Pen Still Mightier Than the Laptop For Notetaking?

Ive taken chem at a very large and recognized public U here in the states. I have taken 2 of them as well as engineering physics. The classes were usually had enrolment of between 350-500 students each. After the first 2 weeks of class and before the last 2, those 400 person classes would usually have attendance in the range of 20-30 people.

Comment: I love my kindle (Score 5, Interesting) 199

by LlamaZorz (#30719742) Attached to: New Color E-Reader Tech To Challenge E-Ink Dominance
I have a Kindle2 becasue it enables me to read more than I normally would. Certain things I would only read online like periodicals and hack tutorials were not being read due to eye strain. I didnt want to print these as it would become expensive and wasteful fast. My kindle has really long battery life and I actually get less eye strain with it than with real paper books given the grey background. I love the thing, any gloss or color will just make the device cause more strain and that's now what I wanted.

+ - Legality & need of encrypted cell phones 5

Submitted by LlamaZorz
LlamaZorz (1717784) writes "Dear Slashdot community, I have been wondering for quite some time as to why American citizens do not have access to cell phones with encrypted data and voice communication. We all know that the government has such technology and makes very good use of it, so why cant the populace? Is their a set regulation by the FCC or something which prohibits companies from marketing encrypted cell phones to the everyday person? I have searched and cannot find one.

I am aware that both GSM and CDMA all have their own encryption standard which is mainly used to stop everyday people from listening in. But such minor encryption in no way stops our government and its agencies or a criminal organisation. The US government has numerous known programs like ECHELON, where they are capable of listening to your calls, screening for keywords. What is even more scary a majority of our intelligence is outsourced to private enterprise. I find all of these things completely ridiculous. We as citizens should have our privacy and it shouldn't compromised no matter how bad the threat.

So I mainly wanted to ask Slashdot if it were legal & ethical to create such a phone which would use known secure public key encryption trying to completely secure all voice communication. I think such is both possible and practical. What do you guys think?"

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