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Comment: Re:Do they ever follow up? (Score 1) 283 283

can't stand to see someone get something for free on principle?

For many people that is, on principle, a bad thing, unless there's a demonstrable benefit.

The benefit may seem self-evident to some people, but others may need it identified and measured.

Comment: Re:Fuck Dice and fuck timothy! (Score -1) 28 28

Seriously, it's like it's the 90s and the web site is maintained by one of those people who think they are gifted at designing user interfaces and are wrong about that and many other of their 'talents'.

Competent web site designers at least make these things user preferences.

Comment: Re:Know who to blame? (Score 1) 193 193

I'm sure the technology exists or could be added to the phone system to basically say "if your caller ID is faked, we're not even accepting this".

If the phone company offered this, not only would I pay them for it, I'd, well, they'd still be an evil monopoly, but I'd at least start speaking politely about and to them.

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