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Comment: Re:Red Cross (Score 1) 39

How many people would think to first check the Red Cross website first

To be honest, I would have expected the Red Cross to have more important things to do and I wouldn't want to bother them.

Then again, I would have thought people in a disaster would have more important things to do than to go on Facebook.

Comment: Re:Information overload (Score 1) 54

by Livius (#49554581) Attached to: Declassified Report From 2009 Questions Effectiveness of NSA Spying

Because it looks flashy and high-tech, both the surveillance itself and the large sums in the budget line.

It's for show, just like the TSA. And just like the TSA, they have to actually violate rights and/or molest people for the appearances to be convincing. Lawful/constitutional intelligence-gathering just isn't sexy enough.

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