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Comment Re:Can we move away from guns already? (Score 1) 765

Are we this primitive?

Yes. Do you look at news?

I haven't needed a gun my whole life and the day I need one it probably won't matter to the outcome.

I'm sure the outcome will matter to you quite a bit on that day.

I don't see people running to the store to get a bullet proof vest yet it would seem to be the more logical option for most people.

Or how about Wonder Woman's bracelets? Now they'd be running to the store.

Comment Don't you see where this is going? (Score 1) 765

If electronics can decide when a firearm should perform its one and only function, then its only a matter of time before this decision will be handled remotely.

Government, or any entity other than the human holding the firearm, having this capacity is a terrifying and highly dangerous prospect.

Comment Which bay area would that be? (Score 1) 747

Sorry but I get annoyed by San Franciscans' provincialism. I wouldn't expect Clint Eastwood or Michael Douglas to say "San Francisco Bay Area", but us unsophisticated folks out in the rest of the USA (let alone the world), might need a more descriptive reference. If I sailed my boat from the U.K. to Rhode Island, here are just some of the bays I may pass through:

Whitley Bay
St. Brides Bay
Cardigan Bay
Caernarfon Bay
Notre Dam Bay
Trinity Bay
Conception Bay
Placentia Bay
Fortune Bay
St. Georges Bay
Chedabducto Bay
Egmont Bay
Bay of Fundy
Penobscot Bay
Essex Bay
Dorchester Bay
Duxbury Bay
Kingston Bay
Plymouth Bay
Cape Cod Bay
Little Pleasant Bay
Pleasant Bay
Lewis Bay
Buzzards Bay
Mt. Hope Bay
Narragansett Bay

The people in those bay areas will just have to remember their mile marker and zip code.

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