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Comment: Good decision (Score 1) 408

by LittleGuy (#29261511) Attached to: Lori Drew Cyberbullying Case Dismissed

If it hasn't been done, has there been a civil suit filed? With the lower standard of proof and the exemption of double jeopardy, it should not be difficult to win.

Then again, what was the point of all this? Pretty troubled girl dies, person does horrendous acts against pretty troubled girl, person must be punished.

Comment: Re:Guest account with Fast User Switching. (Score 1) 695

by LittleGuy (#28182437) Attached to: Keeping a PC Personal At School?

All of ye have given good technical answers, and they would most-likely work, but I think ye overlooked the most practical solution:


If you are going into technical support, this is good practical experience when your users want the shiniest new toy to add to the network.

Unless one of your compatriots pays for your room, board, and tuition. Then it is exactly when the Chief Boss wants the shinest new toy, that usually breaks the system.

Comment: Mouse Stories (Score 2, Interesting) 855

by LittleGuy (#26271665) Attached to: Tales From the Support Crypt

When they first came out, people were picking them up and moving them on the screen, figuring there was some magical property which would move the cursor that way.

These days, (like at the local Borders) people have to be reminded that a mouse is *still* being used, and that the screen is not a touch screen.

To the systems programmer, users and applications serve only to provide a test load.