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Comment Re:Nasal Drip? (Score 1) 8

She's Indian : if presented with a "spicy vindaloo", her first comment is likely to be "what is this repulsive slop?", followed shortly by howls of alternating hilarity and incredulity as you explain to her that you think this is "Indian" food.

Are you a troll or just ignorant? Let's see what Wikipedia says about vindaloo.

Vindaloo or vindalu (Konkani) is a dish originally from Goa, India. ... Vindaloo is a popular dish in many parts of India.

Since this also fits with my personal experience, I believe I can safely say you have no idea what you are talking about.

Comment Nasal Drip? (Score 1) 8

I wonder what getting vitamins and nutrients force fed to me via nasal drip is like. Probably not a whole lot of fun.

I also wonder how her stomach would handle solid food after ten years of being empty. I can't imagine that a spicy vindaloo would sit too well with her right now.

Comment Smart Smart Smart (Score 1) 5

Well it looks like the US isn't the only country who has these types of people. Famous last words, "Hey guys, watch this!"

Unfortunately I am becoming so jaded to this type of thing, I can't quite figure out if this is funny or sad.

Comment Re:little green men called DIBS (Score 2, Interesting) 231

So we found this planet by measuring gravitational changes on light. If the planet were in fact cloaked, then wouldn't that be akin to just turning off the gravity for the whole planet? How could they keep everything from floating away? I guess this fancy pants alien technology is just too advanced for me to understand.

Comment Re:ahem (Score 2, Insightful) 413

Actually, I see it as a way to stop people from using pirated Windows. Oh, you can't pass the Windows Genuine Advantage (or whatever it is called these days), so you can't properly update your machine. Since your machine isn't updated, that means no internet for you. That would be a big disincentive to pirates everywhere.

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