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Comment Re:Tell your story walking. (Score 1) 202

I think you had misunderstood the technology with the implementation.

The Adobe's Flash Player is to be blamed, not Flash itself.

There're some alternatives that could fill the gap once we get rid of this piece of sh*t from Adobe, and I don't see a problem in using them - being the open source ones my preferred.

Comment Re:Yes, comments are too hard to police. (Score 1) 226

Dude, I have the right to go whatever I want - but never got a free bus ride. :-)

You are allowed to state your own viewpoints in whatever place is yours to do so: your home, and the public areas - the places where you pay the bills (you pay taxes, right?).

If you don't pay the bills, you must ask permission from who does.

(and you only have the rights that you can withstand, anyway)

Comment Re:Yes, comments are too hard to police. (Score 1) 226

Also you don't have a right to your viewpoints on private property/websites/whatever. As a website owner I don't have to let you speak your mind and maybe I don't care to know why you feel that black people are the superior race or that Democrats are all evil.

The aftermath if correct, but the way you gone there is not.

The guy HAS THE RIGHT to his viewpoints in whatever the place he wants. But the place's owner DON'T HAVE THE DUTY to allow it - it's up to this last guy to decide if this will be allowed or not.

The first guy's rights needs to be preserved. But the former's too.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

Dog fighting is what military planes do.

Not necessarily true forever, drones probably will fit such role in the near future - and the manned aircrafts would probably be used specifically for sensitive missions where brains in the field would be advantageous.

Of course, leveraging the belic industry profits will not hurt, right?

Comment Re:Where's "Scroll Lock"? (Score 1) 698

I think you meant to say: "A lot of people who obfuscate standards-based marked up text with shitty scripts, ridgid layout and little widgets and dingbats call themselves web designers nowadays."

That too.

But from my point of view (I *AM* a software developer), I'm getting too much web designers (and some of them are good web designers, I give them that) demanding to get voice on how I code the functionalities. I agree that they know *WHAT* they want, but I am the fscking technician that know HOW the things must be done - they don't know (neither have how to) what happens behind the doors, that is exactly what I'm specialized on.

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