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Comment Re:Where's "Scroll Lock"? (Score 1) 687 687

I think you meant to say: "A lot of people who obfuscate standards-based marked up text with shitty scripts, ridgid layout and little widgets and dingbats call themselves web designers nowadays."

That too.

But from my point of view (I *AM* a software developer), I'm getting too much web designers (and some of them are good web designers, I give them that) demanding to get voice on how I code the functionalities. I agree that they know *WHAT* they want, but I am the fscking technician that know HOW the things must be done - they don't know (neither have how to) what happens behind the doors, that is exactly what I'm specialized on.

Comment Re:Where's "Scroll Lock"? (Score 1) 687 687

I can't believe that "Scroll Lock" is used more often than "Caps Lock"

>> least popular keys are...Right Mouse Button

I'm guessing their "developers" don't actually use an IDE. Even on my Mac I use a two-button mouse just to get context-sensitive menus.

Half baked researches from half baked researchers about half assed developers.

(A lot of web designers are calling themselves "developers" nowadays)

Comment Re:Chrome - the web browser that's added as bloatw (Score 1) 240 240

Chrome is added as bloatware to a lot of products which makes it hardly surprising that it gains an advantage in market percentage.

You are taking it wrong.

Chrome is not gaining any advantage in market share. That sad excuse for browsers that compete with Chrome is that are loosing market share.

Since Chrome is practically the only player left that still plays something right, people are going to it by lack of choice.

Comment Re:Expensive and fragile (Score 1) 96 96

If you are talking about Light only networks, you are right.

But using a hybrid system, Light and WiFi, you can use WiFi automatically when you lose the beam, and switch back to another beam as soon it's in range.

I would use it here at home.4 beam spots around the house where people tends to be, and WiFi coverage when in transit between rooms.

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