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Comment: Re:Where's PJ when we need her? (Score 2) 243

by Liquor (#36503660) Attached to: Oracle Thinks Google Owes $6.1 Billion In Damages

PJ is still backing the site, and keeping an eye on things, but Mark Webbink (from Red Hat's general counsel) is doing the the articles.. and seems to be as impartial as PJ, though not with the same humour (so far, at least).

The articles there go into details about Oracles claims and Googles counters.

Comment: Plurals of virus (Score 1) 538

by Liquor (#18679477) Attached to: Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid
If the plural of an 'ius' form is 'ii', i.e. (mal)stating the rule as dropping the s and changing the u to an i, then the malconstructed plural form of virus would indeed viri - or if the rule is stated as drop the 'us' and double the i, viir.

For those who refuse to use normally constructed plurals like viruses, there's always virusen. Or virusoj.

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