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Comment: Canadians Pissing Off Other Canadians (Score 1) 171

by LiquidFaction (#18579959) Attached to: Canadian Broadcasters Seek New Internet Regulation
As a Canadian, this pisses me off. The CRTC already has their regulatory hands into our TV, Radio and other publishing mediums to the point where its nigh impossible to get any substantial international content anywhere. The only world news I can get on a regular basis is by listening to the college radio station at 7am to hear snippets of the BBC news. If Canadian content was actually good it would get air time. Infact, there are TON's of amazing indie band's filling this quota on my local alternative station, because their actualy worth listening too (not like Nickleback, god knows why they get played). Forcing content does nothing but bring the overall quality of our media down, and force canadians to find other ways of obtaining what we really want to see and hear - like downloads, satellite radio and pirate satellite tv signals (yay!). Fuck You CRTC! -your humble canadian.

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