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Comment: Re:It's the early morning people who are nuts (Score 1) 74

by WolfWithoutAClause (#47946175) Attached to: 'Why Banana Skins Are Slippery' Wins IgNobel

Actually, coffee may be part of that.

Turns out that coffee delays the build up of some chemical that makes you tired... i.e. it makes your body clock run slow, when taken in the morning.

However, if you take it late at night, before you go to bed, then the level of that chemical goes down more quickly and you'll wake up earlier the next day. Surprisingly it doesn't make it that much harder to go to sleep either, although if you're not already tolerant to coffee, all bets are off on falling asleep promptly.

Other things that affect the body clock are light, and food (big breakfasts are good for waking up early the next day, skipping breakfast = super bad).

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by jawtheshark (#47934701) Attached to: I'm back.
That's fine. When I saw you were active with trying to save your neighbourhood, I knew you were fine and hadn't lost your bite (which is a compliment from a shark, isn't it?).

I still find slashdot entertaining, due to the humour, the culture, etc... I just don't learn much from it any more. Back in the early days, there was always something new to be learned about technology, open source, computer security. I think both slashdot and I have evolved. I simply know more now, and slashdot might have gone down a the drain a little bit. However, I say that with the knowledge that other forums never even had the level of conversation one gets here, even now.

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by Safety Cap (#47928963) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

I have been in a few jobs where the managers were verbally and/or emotionally abusive. In both cases I left ASAP.

THIS. Life's too short to put up with loser companies.

That being said, one needs a financial cushion of 6 months-ish. The easiest way to do that is to skim off 10% from every paycheck, no matter what.

Remember, you canâ"and should!â"evaluate the company you work for, daily. If they "fail the interview" (i.e., it is more hassle to work there than to find another job) then it is time to Let Them Go.

Comment: Re:TDD FDD (Score 1) 230

by BiggerIsBetter (#47925065) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

Having some experience with both FDD and TDD, I can attest that test driven culture where automated testing is fully integrated into the dev process pretty much addresses all three of your conditions.

Or combine them. I've seen amazing things happen when the developers are fearful of the testers.

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by WolfWithoutAClause (#47922247) Attached to: AT&T Proposes Net Neutrality Compromise

> They can't simply trust users to appropriately mark packets - you'd have some who simply marked everything as high priority.

Last time I heard about it, and I don't think it's changed, Microsoft Windows marks all its packets as highest possible priority.

The immediate effect of them doing that, was that all ISPs immediately started ignoring the priority classes, which made them completely useless globally.

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by jawtheshark (#47908341) Attached to: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion
Really? I run it on an AMD A8-3850 on Ubuntu 14.04 and I didn't have the impression it's strained at all. Granted, I don't run the server part on that machine. My CPU is severely outclassed by most i7s.

Sure, it's not the most efficient codebase, but on a modern machine with power to spare, it's rather fine. Now, I have run it on a rather high end Core2Duo. That's less fun.

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> Again this would lead to corruption with patent pre-screening and favoured people getting patentable stuff and unfavoured people getting junk and working for free.

No, I'm not saying that they would get paid only for passing patents. They would get paid for examining patents. It's just they would get paid more for being successful patent clerks; for passing patents that are enforceable and novel.

And the patents could be assigned randomly from the pool of patent clerks that accept the patents.

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