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Submission + - Blast at Virgin Galactic desert spaceport kills 2->

yourdog writes: An explosion killed two people Thursday at the airport HQ of a company building the first private manned rocket for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's space tourism venture. Aerial video showed a wrecked flatbed trailer with a large silver tank next to it, and large pieces of debris appeared to be strewn for hundreds of yards.
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Comment Re:No shock on trillian. (Score 1) 258 258

FYI Google Chat uses Jabber. Now you know two. I loaded up the Google suite on my Blackberry and now have a "unified buddy list" on my phone for free. Keeps my minutes usage and SMS charges down -- especially once I added the free AIM SMS gateway addresses to that unified buddy list. Just find an open AIM gateway in the Jabber world, and register it with your Google Talk roster using Psi.

Works really well.

Journal Journal: Convicted Film Pirate Found Dead

From this, the convicted film pirate Russell Sprague was found dead in his jail cell awaiting sentencing. I can't believe our beloved /. didn't pick this up (or perhaps didn't feel it was important enough to discuss). I wanted to see how many people said "good!" and how many said "its not stealing if I wasn't going to buy it anyway!"

Ugh. I need a /. for professionals. Badly.

Linux Business

Journal Journal: Trying out Xen

I'm currently volunteering at two different places that IBM has recently donated servers and workstations to. I've been a professional VMWare ESX consultant for a couple of years now, and I'm a national leader for Grid, OS, and storage virtualization technologies in the group I work for (~800 consultants). As such, I've wanted to help the places I volunteer at get the most out of their server equipment, so I've dabbled in OSS virtualization technologies for some time now. UML was neat, but su


Journal Journal: FreeBSD 5.3 barfs VMWare ESX

The installer for FreeBSD 5.3 doesn't even boot in VMWare ESX 2.1.1. A couple times a year, I decide to try some of the fringy stuff bandied about around here. Last week, I setup Gentoo (from stage 1) on a P2-266 w/128MB. Took about 3 days to get a gnome desktop, but at least I got there. Emerge is great for installing new software, but HTF do you query the package system to see IF a particular package is installed? You know, like rpm -q or dpkg -l?


Journal Journal: RIP John Peel

Anyone who knows "The Manchester Scene", and just plain Brit Rock knows John Peel. He died yesterday while on holiday in South America. Many of his live "Peel Sessions" CDs adorn my collection, and were just as important to me as the studio albums I bought.

When I took a trip to England early last year, I checked into my hotel room and turned the radio on. Sure enough, John Peel was playing Bauhaus on his retro show. It was like I was finally home.


Journal Journal: Ignorance is Bliss

About 18 months ago, IBM and HP were in a tight battle to acquire AT&T's desktop support group (PDS). HP won out. Well, within the last couple weeks, some former AT&T'ers noticed that 27,000 desktops are vulnerable to various attacks against systems running Microsoft OSes and applications. Someone else ran their own script and determined that the 27,000 figure was off to the high side by 18,000. They are now scrambling nationwide trying to figure out how to patch somewhere between 9,0


Journal Journal: Got noticed in Manhattan

Just because I haven't said anything in a while. Work has now taken me back to staying in Manhattan. I worked at home for the last 9 months, and lived in hotels for the 11 months prior to that. So, I was driving in Manhattan yesterday, and was the lead car stopped at a red light. 52nd and Broadway, I think. I had the Murano recently cleaned, had an Alien Sex Fiend cd blaring, and had the big ole "LINUX" licens

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Journal Journal: Someone quoted me! 2 2

Wanna see something freaky? Have you heard antislashdot? Its a site dedicated to karma whoring by copying verbatim +5 posts into a database and then making a search front-end for easy retrieval and reposting under someone else's name. Well, I decided to search on my handle to see what's out there, and I found this! Scroll down to March 10th. Its not the same as antislashdot at all. I was actually kinda impressed that they liked my po


Journal Journal: MechAssault for xbox

Ok, getting closer. I picked up MechAssault for XBox over the weekend. Oh, the XBoxUSB adapter cable arrived in 3 days from Hong Kong! I've always heard good things about Lik-Sang, but I just couldn't believe that it would be that easy to order something from Asia. $13 for the cable and $20 for shipping.

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