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Comment Re:there is a hellacious amount of ignorance here (Score 1) 195 195

Mod parent up. Software people need to understand this: users cannot be asked to do "deep reasearch" and "understand permissions", they do not have the time, and they paid good money for their device that should simply work.

And we can say they are "noobs" or "stoopid" all we want, and do not deserve nice things, but the reality is that examining permissions is right now really user-unfriendly, and actually not possible: I can easily make a program that requires map access and being able to send a data message for the fun little location game I am selling, and there is no way even the smartest permissions-examiner now knows I have made a remotely-activated stalking device.

Users will vote with their wallets to get phones where they can simply get their stuff done and get some fun out of them without having the feeling every step could be quicksand. So as phone ecosystem manufacturer you have the choice of don't let crap happen on the phone, or watch your consumer pay your competitor for a phone where crap can't happen. And to make crap not happen, you will have to only allow safe programs on the phone. And as parent shows, this means a closed store.

Comment Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 2) 917 917

It's certainly contentious, but not outright hostile. However wrong their basis may be, it's implied that the creators are putting that app out to help those who they believe to have a problem.

Um, no, it actually is outright hostile to people with same sex attractions. The methods that Exodus proposes to handle the negative feelings surrounding same sex attractions are methods that are scientifically proven to leave the psyche of the person worse off, sometimes suicidally so. That is incredibly hostile to Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals, and that you do not recognize selling repression, shame, guilt, peer-pressure and thus depression and possibly death as hostile really should tell you something.

If you want to help GLBTs who have a problem to lead well adjusted happy productive lives, the science on this is pretty clear: give them acceptance, love, support, and help instill a feeling of self-confidence and being whole and being fine with these fundamental and immutable romantic feelings.

Exodus is the homo-hating equivalent of treating cancer patients with homeopathy instead of chemotherapy. The way they hurt vulnerable people is downright dangerous, and in my opinion, evil.

If you are going to censor your store from evil and destructive or bigoted apps, this one fully qualifies.


Submission + - Programmers Just Don't Learn To Handle Their Ego->

Linux Ate My Dog! writes: For better or for worse, the web has transitioned from a system made by software engineers joined by a neglected user interface pro tinkering with page layouts, to one where teams of coders, Interaction Designers, and Graphic Designers work together to create rich interactive experiences. I have transitioned with it, from the software cubicles to the Digital Agency, and working with Graphic Designers I noticed something interesting: they handle critiques of their design much better than programmers do of their code, and I think it is because of what they go through during their training. During crunch time nobody cares what code looks like internally, just that it passes acceptance tests, so we get very ego-invested in how save the world from missing our deadline. While there are strategies to handle ego-investment, and pair-programming does force us to review the internals of code and architecture more these days, is there actual planned systematic review of your code? How do you handle criticism and praise for your lines?
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Comment Re:Opera on the iPhone (Score 2, Informative) 422 422

Android actually indeed, from the ground up, allows applications to advertise to the system that they are willing and able to handle and display certain forms of data, or publish that they will allow the user to do certain things. When an application makes a request to have a certain data-type handled (like "open this web page"), the OS selects which of the installed apps that can will get to handle the request.

But this need not create a lot of complexity. The failure you are describing is a usability failure of cruft upon cruft of setting and defaults that were not properly constrained by good UI guidelines of where they should be found and how they should be set. Right now setting the default browser on most desktop OSes is a snap: just run the browser and it will ask "Do you want me to be the default?" and we're done. I think that if the OS has a good system for managing these settings -- and WinMo does not because it never cared -- this need not be such a nightmare.

What it will be nighmare for, though, is tech support "Wait, you have what dialer installed? You browser is which?" Still, there is so much power in having a controlled and OS-blessed way to chain little programs together, each adding their own value, from different creative individuals. Very UNIXy.


Journal Journal: Stream

The joke used to be that every program expanded until it could read e-mail. Now it seems no piece of consumer electronics will rest before it can play MP3s and MPEG2s off your network's harddisk.

Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: Travelling In The Netherlands

I used to be able to tell my computer that dialing *99# on whatever modem was on the other end of the Bluetooth port was a really great idea because there would be a PPP link waiting for it. My computer would try to do so, and the phone would know that what it really should do was switch on the GPRS radio, get on that network and hook up to a special datastream I had told it would be at Then the datastream should be passed back to the computer just as if it was a standard

Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: Why Doesn't iTunes...

...have a facility to fill in the artwork and information tags of the songs I ripped myself with data from the store? When I did my rips, I got song and artist, I'd like the rest too, and Apple has it. (Might it even be a way to collect some revenue?)

...have a utility that "listens" to your MP3s to fill in the BPMs, where it thinks it stands a chance? Would be very handy since it has a BPM autoplay list?


Journal Journal: WebServices And The Phone

I am having my doubts about WebServices.

The premiere issue of Queue, the new magazine launched by the Association of Computing Machinery, most articles were devoted to WebServices, including interview with the guys that came up with the idea. They looked at the great revolution of the Web amd wondered whether it couldn't be generalized further. The Web is very successful as a catlog and a communications medium with very simple tools: as a client you have to understand (meaning that you


Journal Journal: Symbianetics

So my title has been settled: my new businesscards will state I am a 'Senior Research Engineer'. I think it sounds cool.

My current research gig is taking over a project from the person whose position in the group I am filling. Its current shape is a collaboration with an IBM Alphaworks project from a group in Austin TX. I want to do a site-visit, but can't find an angle to make it necessary, yet.


Journal Journal: DRM Goes Ever So Handy 4 4

Forward Lock

Combined Delivery

Separate Delivery

Note these terms. These terms are the new world of Digital Rights Management [DRM] in the mobile phone world. And remember, as much as people bellyache about Palladium and computers locking your data in, there are more mobile phones in use than actual PCs.


Journal Journal: Hey, I Bought A Harddisk

[Cloned from my LJ]

I engaged in some willfull consumerism today. pinkfish is ripping his complete CD collection, and, together with my music directories, we simply didn't have the disk space anymore. We went to microcenter to price external hardd-disks (IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 capable) and found out to our surprise that each 50 Gig is around 100 bucks. That's not much for serious space.


Journal Journal: Jobs in CA

Strange. A subtext on Slashdot and Plastic is that the Canadian economy is doing great. Then why does monster have only a smattering of JAVA jobs, all server side? Why am I not finding anything for a user interface guy, a visualizer guy, like me? What am I missing?

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