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Comment: They have Internet on the plane (Score -1, Troll) 441

by Linus Torvald (#7927471) Attached to: Kernel 2.6.1 Released
That's first class for you. As you can tell, open source development pays so well, I can fly first class around the globe!

Hello Slashdot. The 2.6.1 release is a great release, a release that I'm very proud of, as I wrote it all myself. You'll find it's a distinct improvement on 2.6.0, but just wait for 2.6.2! That will be even better and blow you all away.

I can't wait to see Australia. People riding Kangaroos, those cuddly little Koalas and that Steve Irwin guy feeding babies to the crocodiles. Maybe even some sexy penguins!

Linus Torvald, signing out

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