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Comment: Re:Reminds me of a bit from Louis CK (Score 0) 63

by Linkreincarnate (#44031591) Attached to: Anxiety Gaming Wants To Offer Mental Help Via Game Console
You are a monster. You are what's wrong with the world. Foster kids don't have problems because they are genetically deficient. They have problems because they had shitty(or dead) parents, the system that is supposed to take care of them does a poor job and exposes them to even more abuse. To top it off they are made outcasts by their peers because they don't have a traditional family. You think they should just die off though huh?

Comment: Re:Gun control however... (Score 0) 856

by Linkreincarnate (#43703591) Attached to: California Lawmaker Wants 3-D Printers To Be Regulated
Plus how are you gonna trace the gun back to the individual printer? Most 3d printers don't have DRM. At least not in the parts the print. So yeah you'll have a long list of people who have 3d printers but you could only reasonably expect to be able to trace a gun back to a particular brand of printer beyond that you can not objectively say what printer printed it.

Comment: Re:Secularism (Score 0) 694

Faith is a disease, one that has caused more death and suffering than any other throughout human history.

Wrong. Atheism has it beat by miles and miles.

Riight, because soo many people are killed by athiests for insulting the flying spagetti monster. Or failing to convert to atheism. Or because the tenants of athiesm commanded them. Or because they though it would be a one way ticket to athiest paradise. Any person can figure out alternate sources of morality given even a cursory amount of thought. Anyone who says they can imagine no other source of morality other than religeon (theirs) is an idiot or a troll.

C for yourself.