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Comment Re:Wow silliness to the max. (Score 2, Insightful) 25

Way to not read the summary. It states that the plugin notifies you when the PP changes. Which means you'd have to have read it in the first place anyways. Do you seriously expect someone to read the PP of every site they visit for every visit they make just to notice changes?

Comment Re:Why only open source? (Score 1) 293

I doubt you'll see this, but, I use Arch on all of the systems that support it (7 now) and the only problem I've found is you get broken dependancies easily, like chromium uses libpng, it gets upgraded but libpng doesn't and chromium won't start because it can't find the newer version of libpng. Other than that it's pretty stable, and if you constantly upgrade to the latest stuff you shouldn't havethose problems. Personally I use ALSA.

Comment Re:Why only open source? (Score 2, Informative) 293

> It has painless updating to whatever has been put in apt-get/whatever.
Depends on the distro. Most mainstream distros have horribly out-of-date software (by choice). There are distros that do keep near-bleeding edge software in their repos, Arch Linux is one such distro, I've seen packages appear for new releases within a few days, at worst I've seen a package only a few revisions behind.

Comment Re:Sametime (Score 2, Informative) 360

Sametime? Run far far away. It is the most bloated client I've ever used for any chat protocol, it crashes frequently enough and when it does it will sometimes prevent the user from rejoining a group chat, requiring a new one be made and everyone move over. There isn't a way for people to join a group chat on their own accord and must be invited, nor is there a way to auto accept invites. Any time you need to copy/paste a chat log it must be manually edited so it becomes even remotely readable and some of the GUI settings work contradictory to what you'd expect (like disabling smileys, it just does not work).

Comment Re:Query (Score 3, Insightful) 430

Why is Slashdot so biased towards open source?

Becase many nerds have a 'hacker' mentality, where if they purchased a physical device they own it and can do anything they want with it, DRM, DMCA, vendor-lock-in and other such evils are viewed as evil because they inhibit hacking.

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