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Comment: Single-player uber alles (Score 1) 208

I'd much rather buy titles that let me play with my friends no matter who has what hardware.

Good for you. Personally, I'll probably just get a PS4 and a copy of DA:I when I can afford to do so, because I don't give a shit about graphics or online multiplayer.

Comment: Re:Goals versus Results, Idea versus Reality (Score 1) 827

by Lilith's Heart-shape (#48360977) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

Some GamerGaters have some social issues to discuss that are not necessarily anti-women and agree or not, they have a right to be heard.

Bullshit. I have the right to say all kinds of offensive shit, but that doesn't mean others are obligated to listen to me. Nobody is entitled to an audience. Nobody.

Comment: Re:Rainbow PUSH said ... (Score 1) 123

It is not an company's responsibility to address the failures of particular minority communities to embrace technology education.

That's right. A corporation's only responsibility is to enrich stockholders through ever-increasing profits by any means necessary. America, fuck yeah!

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