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I object to corporations as currently constituted in the United States for the same reason I look askance at the Federal government: concentrated power is dangerous to those who lack power. It doesn't matter if that power is political, religious, or economic.

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I only chose it because I was young, bitter, directionless, and had some natural talent with computers despite not growing up with a programmable computer at home. I decided I wanted to be a writer, and thought I needed a "respectable" day job and my own apartment instead of just working a couple of part-time jobs and sharing a place with an amiable stranger or three.

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If your ideals actually meant anything to you, you'd despise corporations and government itself with the same fervor with which you speak against unions. Instead, you're a typical secular Republican: you rail against any form of collectivism that helps workers, but rally around all forms of collectivism that serve to preserve the privileges and wealth of America's ruling classes.

Get rid of corporations and government, show me a real free market, and I'll happily compete without seeking recourse from a union of my fellow workers.

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Is there a threshold value at which conditions do become bad enough to warrant organization? Private-sector unionization is on life-support, and the public sector isn't much better. Meanwhile, wages for the average worker in constant dollars have stagnated while prices and corporate profits continually increase. It's not like the government gives a shit about us, so maybe it's time we banded together and started looking out for ourselves and each other.

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And drinking beer is a basis for a life? Look, AC, I started writing because I wanted something in my life that was wholly my own. I gravitated toward SF because I OD'ed on Judas Priest albums and thought androids on nuclear-powered motorcycles were cool.

You have a tendency to feel you are superior to most computers.