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Comment: Re:Ironic (Score 4, Informative) 606

That's because they are basically part of the US Gov't. How many "former" GS members have been in presidential cabinet members? Lots and for years. How many members of Congress have come from or moved to GS? Lots. They don't call it the revolving door for nothing. They're inextricably connected.

Comment: Re:anonymous is a bunch of childish kids.... (Score 3, Interesting) 203

by LilGuy (#40019811) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Suffering Global Outage From Massive DDoS Attack

How do you hijack a group that everyone is a part of whether or not they know it?

Amorphous groups have exactly this problem. Anyone can say they're a part of it to benefit their own agenda and therefore the group itself is nothing more than all of us who bite into certain ideas at certain times. Calling yourself a part of anonymous is like calling yourself a part of humanity. Except the connotation with Anonymous is that you have some sort of specific agenda at a specific time and/or place.

Comment: Re:Back in 2003 ... (Score 1) 609

by LilGuy (#39274483) Attached to: Iran's Smart Concrete Can Cope With Earthquakes and Bombs

Often time military plans try to include as many objectives as possible and some of those are used to distract from the others. These are but two that have gone unnoticed because of the major threat to world stability of Israel's continued sabre rattling against Iran. It has worked out very neatly so far, but that isn't to say the threat to Iran isn't real.

Comment: Re:Today's dose of fearmongering... (Score 0, Flamebait) 609

by LilGuy (#39245485) Attached to: Iran's Smart Concrete Can Cope With Earthquakes and Bombs

And you've bought the media sale-fire hook, line, and sinker. Congratulations you get to decimate another hapless population but this time you get to lose some of your own family members in the charade! Johnny what else does he win? Show him the BONUS - "The world breaks out into catastrophic war as the 9 nations with nuclear weapons all vie for their place on the totem pole of the next tiny refreshing but teetering equilibrium, squashing every other voice in the world and tamping down on any hope of this civilization leaving this, now too small, planet."

Comment: Re:Scientists Charged For Not Being Psychic (Score 2) 189

by LilGuy (#39066671) Attached to: US Seismologist Testifies Against Scientists In Quake-Prediction Case

The case should be decided upon whether a professional opinion, or even one that is concurrent with a majority of professional opinions, can be held to be liable in the case of non-precaution. In that case it would be prudent to always err on the side of safety and give the population the choice to adhere or ignore the advice, but hold no liability for the warning. But to err on the side of catastrophe because you have to due to liability is not going to help anyone. It will only cause mass panics frequently.

Comment: Re:Conroy vs. Sarkozy (Score 3, Insightful) 151

by LilGuy (#36238254) Attached to: EFF Co-founder Faces Copyright Heavyweights At EG8

This is the laziest response to the age-old problem of representation in government. "Well the people voted for X."

Who exactly votes for the people who get to run for office? Nobody? I wouldn't say that. Money votes for the initial candidates. That money comes from industry. The people who run are those who can best afford to run, and what that means is they are connected enough throughout industry and politics to be a viable option. This SEVERELY limits who the people will ultimately be ABLE to vote for, with the caveat that every single candidate has an agenda of their own that does not reflect the will of the people. Of course once the choices are sufficiently narrowed down for the people, and a single candidate is "elected", that candidate then owes much to their initial benefactors.

The word "democracy" as the world is wont to use it is a farce and nefarious doublespeak at best.

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