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Comment: Re:Good news, bad news (Score 1) 623

by LifesABeach (#48668817) Attached to: What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?
What makes you think that people will have money? What makes you think that you'll have enough money to buy things like food, shelter, and clothing? What makes you think you'll have access to things like the Internet?

Robots are nothing more than a different form of Small Faced Bear, but without the useful by product of a pelt, and meat; afterwards.

Comment: Re:Mod me down if you will (Score 1) 69

by LifesABeach (#48668077) Attached to: ESA Carries Out Asteroid Impact Drill
You should be more concerned about the lack of control the government will invoke. You know that the president(s) and its family will survive in some shelter. Also, you know that the closest of friends and family will survive in that shelter. But what if one cannot dig themselves out? The outcome will be sardonic comedy.

The only survivable outcome for humanity is to have multiple self sustaining colonies away from earth, and an infrastructure to nudge objects from an intersecting earth orbit, or just plain unfavorable orbit.

Of course some deep conviction in a form of "After Life" will make your on coming end of self awareness; less stressful.

Comment: Re:nonsense, only the gov't can create jobs. (Score 2) 43

by LifesABeach (#48600739) Attached to: SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities
We had those same concepts in the 1960's; then some dumb ass said, "feed the poor, first." Then some other dumb asses said, "we'll start some wars." If the same amount of money spent on these projects were spent on Space, we'd be disucssing this issue; in space.

Administrative Note: Giving a person a job results in that person being able to obtain food. As more Solar, Wind, and Fuel Cell systems go up, even with post production problems, the cost of obtaining energy is going down.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 772

by LifesABeach (#48562675) Attached to: CIA Lied Over Brutal Interrogations
Which ever ass clown at the department of homeland insecurity didn't do any homework in the area of actually getting the bad guys to talk is a bad guy. Any civilian survivor of the Korean War capturing by the Chinese army were subjected to the same brutal treatment, only then to become the bad guys they were being accused of. I think those involved should be indited and sent to Nuremberg for processing. They are the same people that allowed the events of 2008 to occur, and beat the tambourine for those "to big to fail". I want their asses in GITMO, swinging from a rope sounds good also.

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