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Comment: Re:Cellular is the business model (Score 1) 424

by Life2Death (#46261053) Attached to: Time Warner Deal Is How Comcast Will Fight Cord Cutters

Actually, you're a dumbass and there are things that will overload it.
Yes it can handle multiple people, but if they all are whoring bandwidth too much for the backhaul or the node, it will crawl down to nothing.

This recently happened to my node on Charter where my 100Mbps cable crawled at 0.25Mbps down. At least I didnt pay for internet for three months...

Comment: Re:Power-loss protected? No Samsung? (Score 1) 293

by Life2Death (#45800793) Attached to: Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes

+1 one more. We have deployed like 300 of the 800 series.

I've personally used two ocz which were shit until I firmware flashed them and did a full format, then were ok. One was so bad it felt like i was running windows on a USB 2.0 flash drive (yes, I have done this -- both were windows 8 which runs pretty fast on usb, this case it did not)

I have two Samsungs, a Crucial, two intels, and a Hyper-X.

This test is biased and skewed to make a point.

Also we use these 98% in laptops which dont lose power abruptly.
For a desktop, you can get a raptor enterprise drive for give or take the same price thats twice the size so why bother?

Comment: Re:Beos was a media OS, went out with a sputter. (Score 3, Interesting) 226

by Life2Death (#44796033) Attached to: Thought Experiment: The Ultimate Creative Content OS

Mod parent up. I came here to say this. BE is still used today to mix audio since its a real-time OS and very capable of doing things other OSes of the its day just plain were not up to.

The interface is ultra minimalistic and it follows a lot of what an awesome OS should be.

Comment: Re:Also, not breaking up the company (Score 1) 357

by Life2Death (#44679267) Attached to: Steve Ballmer's Big-Time Error: Not Resigning Years Ago

I wish they'd share more, each app has its seemingly own interface. IE would have been market domination extreme if they had the Visual Studio pinning and tabs (and it had IE in those tabs, and i used it as a browser to prove my point) basically it was like Firefox or chrome is today before its time. Windows doesn't look like office doesn't look like Visual Studio doesn't look like SQL doesn't look like Exchange meaning no team is on the same page with the GUI which is total failsauce

Comment: Re:Vista (Score 1) 357

by Life2Death (#44679017) Attached to: Steve Ballmer's Big-Time Error: Not Resigning Years Ago

Actually Microsoft purchased the people who did any of the development awesomeness like Word or Excel.

Lets not forget Hyper-V and other fun things.

I am not sure but the only thing Microsoft really came up with was Windows 95's GUI, which they didnt license or buy, but stole. Some netcode was even from BSD.

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