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Comment: Re:Science,much? (Score 5, Informative) 33

by osu-neko (#49008735) Attached to: Earth's Libration Visualized For the First Time Above the Moon's Far Side

we can only see 50% of it's surface on any given night

So which nights can we see the other side? Oh, never.

Actually, on any night other than the one precisely a lunar month from the given night, you can see some of that other side (the 50% you can't see tonight). That's what libration does -- expose some of that other 50% that you can't see tonight. Not all of it, sure, but some. You can only see 50% on any given night, but you can see 59% over time. Thus, 18% of tonight's "other side" will be "this side" on some other night.

Comment: Re:GUI apps vs. desktop components (Score 1) 134

by osu-neko (#48952935) Attached to: Inkscape Version 0.91 Released
Huh. The glitchy desktop is the thing I hate most about Windows. I need Windows for some of the software I need to run under it, but gods I wish I could replace the buggy platform I'm running them on with one of the stable, spiffy desktops I use when I boot into Linux (and still have them run well; sorry WINE).

Comment: Re:Why do I want to upgrade? (Score 1) 437

by 3dr (#48765775) Attached to: Is Kitkat Killing Lollipop Uptake?

For some amount of time, yes. I have a Galaxy Nexus phone which is now a couple years old. KitKat (4.3) runs fantastically on it, and after experiencing Android L on a new tablet, I really don't care for its changes.

What I have noticed since Lollipop's release in November is that the application updates to the Material UI style (plus whatever else underneath) has greatly slowed down the GMail, Google's News&Weather, Play Store, and Play Music apps on my phone. Since this round of updates, when returning to home screen after running the play music GUI or news/weather, the launcher has to reload all the app icons, and it's actually a few seconds before the home launcher is ready to use. My phone has been fantastic, but the November app updates have just crapped on it.

The frustrating part is that I keep my phone fairly minimal -- no twitter, no facebook app (another POS) -- just to maximize battery life and keep it running fast. All my efforts are wasted now due to the apps I listed above. It sucks, because I really like this phone and don't feel like EOLing it yet.

I liked the default music app from about the G/H timeframe. It worked great for me, was fast, and playback was responsive. The current Play Music app is a piece of laggy shit. I'll just have to try some alternative apps.

+ - Toronto PET Users Group stages flash mob at Starbucks

Submitted by psychonaut
psychonaut (65759) writes "In the fall of 2014, PET-wielding members of the Toronto PET Users Group descended en masse upon a local Starbucks to share their love of old-school Commodores with today's tablet- and smartphone-using public. This was the club's second such flash mob (the first, in 2013, commemorated the 30-year anniversary of the Commodore SX-64 "luggable" computer) and this time Starbucks itself sent a film crew. The result was T.P.U.G., a short promo documentary which the company released in October. The film shows the club, once the world's largest and now the world's oldest user group, still going strong after nearly 37 years in operation."

Comment: Re:Traditional (Score 1) 62

by osu-neko (#48591545) Attached to: Kawa 2.0 Supports Scheme R7RS

the strengths of traditional compiled languages....zero-overhead Java platform integration

I never thought I'd hear someone say that Java integration is a traditional strength of compiled languages...

...and you didn't. The text you quoted neither says nor implies that that's a traditional strength. (In the text you quoted, the word traditional is used as an adjective modifying "languages".)

Comment: Re:Boy that will win more users.... (Score 2) 415

by osu-neko (#48561125) Attached to: Microsoft's New Windows Monetization Methods Could Mean 'Subscriptions'
Yeah, I have an iPhone 3GS I still use, but it's getting more and more difficult. Support for this generation of phone stopped with iOS 6, and a lot of newer apps, or newer versions of some of my existing apps, require iOS 7 or 8. I'll be forced to buy a new phone soon...

Comment: Re:I've hired people with misdemeanors before (Score 1) 720

by 3dr (#48543315) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

What's the crime? A lot of nonviolent crimes are felonies. If I were looking for candidates, my consideration of an employee would entirely depend on what the crime was, and what my legal counsel thinks.

And also, especially in drug-related offenses, the felony limit can be quickly reached by an exaggeration of drug mass. LSD charges, for example, are typically trumped up because they weigh the grams of paper, not the micrograms of LSD on it. Or here in Austin, where a guy was facing PCP possession charges partly based on the weight of the tray of brownies he baked (couple pounds), instead of the mass of PCP actually in the brownies. (But, he did have a bottle/supply of PCP which *was* a serious issue, but the charges based on the brownies was absolute nonsense.)

Comment: I hate these misleading statements... (Score 4, Insightful) 388

by osu-neko (#48540327) Attached to: Man Caught Trying To Sell Plans For New Aircraft Carrier

... caught trying to deliver schematics for an aircraft carrier to the Egyptian government.

No, he was caught trying to deliver schematics for an aircraft carrier to the FBI. Since he thought he was trying to deliver them to the Egyptian government, that makes him a scumbag, but let's not pretend an actual crime that would have occurred without the FBI's action has been thwarted here. They didn't step in and stop something bad from happening, they just found some guy who likes money more than ethics and made a good headline out of him. Arguably doing so maybe has some deterrent effect, but don't misrepresent what happened or blow it out of proportion.

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