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Comment: From Hell (Score 1) 135

by LienRag (#47854961) Attached to: New DNA Analysis On Old Blood Pegs Aaron Kosminski As Jack the Ripper
If true, that would invalidate Alan Moore's theory...
I'm not knowledgeable enough about the era or the facts to have a definitive opinion about the validity of his interpretation, but I do have to say that if the next-to-last victim was using the name of the last victim for her nickname (as Moore says), it is indeed a strong indication that the murders were not random.

Comment: Physics society (Score 1) 226

Maybe the best part of the show is how it treats the behaviour of scientists in public conferences, with both absurdity and keen observation of actual behavior, however ludicrous be this behaviour.

Are you responsible for this part of the show?

By the way, is there a way to watch the show without the awful canned laughter which ruins the subtlest jokes?

Comment: Re:Do all geeks hate the show? (Score 1) 226

I watched only the first season because I can't stand canned laughters, but some of the humor is very subtle.
That's why canned laughters are particularly awful in this show, only the most obvious jokes get in-tape laughter, and as humans are social creatures it makes a perturbing discrepancy between what one finds really funny and what the laughters tell him to find funny.

Comment: Re:fuck you and the bucket challenge (Score 1) 182

by LienRag (#47836881) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen
Actually, some are very clever and thus quite different from "Ow my balls": (cited below) (works better if you know Girl Genius, a very good webcomic actually)
And of course this one:

Comment: Re:Informative, Entertaining, and Well Written Vid (Score 1) 1262

I happened to watch one of her videos last week, and I do share the opinion of the first +5 poster: "her videos are, in places, poorly researched with many leaps of logic mixed with heavy opinions. But, they still contain very valid points and can be civilly debated."

Specifically, and though she clearly does make some points about the way most female NPC are limited to eye candy, her general attitude towards sandbox games reminded me heavily of the Dungeon&Dragons-bashing of the early 80's: "Can you imagine that? In this foul game players can invoke demons! What would be a better proof that it's a satanic plot to enroll our younglings in the Army of Darkness?" without, of course, ever explaining to the alarmed parents that a RPG allows player to do anything they can think of, and that if they don't have a particular interest in the evocation of demons there is no reason for them to do it (BTW at least in AD&D first edition I don' think there even is a rule about demonic invocations)...

In Sarkeesian's videos, it translates as "Female NPC have no agency": Well, they're NPCs - maybe she should figure what the word means. And yes, female NPC are often not treated in the same way than male NPC and when she explains that she has valid points - but it's maybe 10% of her discourse, 90% being "women are NPCs in video games, oh the humanity!".
She even goes as far as saying that no woman NPC is depicted having her own agenda and personality - hellooo, ever heard of Sarah Kerrigan? I'm still in love with her as are probably half of all male geeks ever born, and we have only seen her face!
Similarly, one of her points is that in Sandbox games the hero is allowed to kill female NPCs: does she even understand the concept of a sandbox game?
Or when RedDeadRedemption makes fun of the Pulp trope of rescuing a lady bound on the railway, she uses it as a proof of how vilely misogynistic the game world is, without even acknowledging the parodic intention.

Comment: Re:ISP don't like the streaming (Score 1) 120

by LienRag (#47772903) Attached to: Predictive Modeling To Increase Responsivity of Streamed Games

Streaming games would kill any download limits you have on your ISP and pretty much all of them have some sort of limit in place.

Actually... no.
Data caps on wired internet mostly exists in "capitalist" america, where the market is so free that it doesn't mind belonging to an oligopoly.
The rest of the world has competition, and usually no data caps (except on mobile services usually, which sucks too).

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by LienRag (#47766479) Attached to: Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group
I think that Harper's made a big national survey in 2005(?) about the actual beliefs of american people who profess to be Christians (more than 50% of whose thought that Joan of Ark was Noah's wife, per example).
Long story short, the vast majority of American christians believe and worship the God who elected America as the Chosen People. You may be knowledgeable enough to understand that it's not exactly the Gospel one...

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