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Comment Re:Who are you calling "immature twats" ?? (Score 1) 550

Maybe I'm misinformed, but I'm quite wary of systemd myself.
I use Gnome3, Mate or XFCE alternatively, but never tried KDE.
From what you say, it seems to be a good alternative when Jessie will become stable.
What to look for when transitioning from Gnome to KDE?
Is purging systemd like you did tricky for a newbie like me?

Comment Re: Not resigning from Debian (Score 1) 550

While I'm using Debian Stable, I'm still a linux newbie (I made my first redirection a few weeks ago...).
But from what I understand, Debian Testing is just the next stable version.
So the question was whether to postpone systemd to a next stable version, or to put it into Jessie (which they chose, and makes me a bit wary: I just started to understand what's the init phase, and they want to change it?).

Comment Re:Virus Name (Score 1) 275

Yeah, yeah, someone is going to scream liberal, but I have been paying attention to the questions they ask any politician, and the difficulty of the question is the same for any politician.

Another proof that they are filthy liberals...
Any respectable journalist know that it's unpatriotic to embarrass a fellow conservative!

The unfacts, did we have them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude.