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Comment: Regulate happiness next? (Score 1) 216

by Liamecaps (#40821473) Attached to: FDA Wins Right To Regulate Adult Stem-Cell Treatments
I wonder if endorphins released during happiness will be considered a drug next. "Beat cop officer Joe sees little Sally on the corner smiling. Hey little girl, you better turn that smile off, right now! She doesn't. Okay little girl, cuffs on wrists, you're going downtown. We'll have no endorphin releases on my watch."

Comment: Compared to farming (Score 1) 969

by Liamecaps (#39377969) Attached to: Bring Back the 40-Hour Work Week
I've been working as a programmer in an enterprise environment for the last few years, but growing up and prior work was in farming. A 40 hour farming week would be unheard of - hell, an 80 hour farming week would be wonderful. Even so, I'd still much prefer farming over the mental exhaustion of programming, email, meetings, ...

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