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Comment Re: wan port (Score 1) 121

, because I know that Google is a business, and is not really my friend.

Don't forget to not buy linksys, neatgear, dlink, asus, buffalo or any of those either. They're all businesses and not your friend.
To negate your paranoia bout google 'decreasing your privacy' for $200 this thing isnt capable of deep packet inspecting your bandwidth, it just doesnt have the hardware for it and I seriously doubt google is vpning all of your traffic into them to inspect it on their own gear.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 121

Where are you supposed to plug in that switch when the only Ethernet port on the device is in use for your WAN connection?

RTFA It has one WAN port and one LAN port, two ethernet ports total. You plug the switch into the LAN port and you plug your WAN connection into the WAN port. Hell the pictures from the article show two ports and two ethernet cables.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 121

Not that they necessarily don't want encrypted back doors in their products.

That kind of contradicts what Vinton Cerf from google said in the article:

"If you have a back door, somebody will find it, and that somebody may be a bad guy," Vinton Cerf, Google's chief Internet evangelist and the co-creator of TCP/IP, said in a speech earlier this month. "Creating this kind of technology is super, super risky."

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 121

So, which LAN port routes to the DMZ, if it only has one?

Depends on what you mean by DMZ, if you mean forwards all ports to, then it doesnt use a specific lan port, you tell it which device you want to be in the DMZ and it does it same as any router.

If however you mean which port gets put in a separate vlan group so it can be on a separate subnet entirely... then none this is a home router if you want that functionality get something else. That's not home router functionality.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 121

RTFA: most routers come with 4 LAN ports.

yeah most routers come with a built in switch, bfd. Most users use at most one port on that switch.

So for $200 you get less then what you should get.

no for $200 you get exactly what you should get, a router with a built in access point. If you want more ports get a switch, for a change someone is building consumer gear that leaves how many ports you need up to you rather than building it in. This is a good thing, it will encourage people to spread out their networks a bit, place this guy in a central point and run a line to their desktop pc with a switch so they can plug in their networked printer or whatever.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 0) 121

I'm not expecting it to be a switch.

Good glad you understand theres no need for more than two ports then.

For $200 it should route more than 2 physical ports.

Why do you need to route more than two networks for a home router? This is consumer grade equipment, it should only route two ports no more no less. Some routers include built in switches so they switch more than two ports, but as you just said you're not expecting to be a switch.

Especially since they will turn around and sell the information that they gather from the device.

Where in the article does it say this? Where in the specs does it say this? That would be prohibitively expensive for google to do, they're either have to vpn all of your traffic to them or be building these guys with some major deep packet inspection going on (making the hardware likely cost them far more than $200)

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