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actually weather forecasters have pretty good accuracy, >90%, out to abot four days.

For who? For how much of the land? In any case, that's not even possible, because if I check three sources for my area, they will say three different things at least two days out of three.

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by CastrTroy (#48040659) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics
Exactly. If they have a warrant, they should be able to search something, plain and simple. I think the problem, and what the constitution didn't (and couldn't) foresee was that math and science created a lock that couldn't be broken. 200 years ago, the only way to protect your papers was locking them away in a safe. If you didn't want to give them the combination to the safe, then they could find other ways of brute forcing it open. Now with technology, you can store all your personal papers and effects in an impenetrable safe. Nobody can open the safe unless you provide them with the password. This creates quite a conundrum, as the authorities may be issued a search warrant, but it might be completely useless, as they can't actually get at the data inside the device.

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by gstoddart (#48040587) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

What I don't understand is the lack of concern about security.

Because they don't give a shit about your security or anybody else's, and they're too stupid to realize that by weakening it for them it weakens it for anybody.

They just want unlimited ability to get any piece of data they want without warrant, oversight, or obstacles.

They want it to be illegal for you to have information they can't readily get.

The scary thing is, they couldn't possibly not know that "what about the children" is a bullshit argument designed to get people to go along with it. Every mother in America says "well, if it's to protect the children, it must be good".

In reality, children and terrorism have become the magic keys to unlock the kingdom, and bypass any pesky laws and constitutional protections.

And anybody who disagrees with them is clearly in favor of kiddy fiddlers and terrorists.

If this kind of thing isn't fixed soon, America is marching into becoming a facist state, while pretending to still be defenders of freedom and justice. And people are applauding this as it goes along.

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by gstoddart (#48040505) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

These guys have decided to go straight for the "it's for the children" argument.

It's a stupid argument. It says that in order to protect hypothetical children from hypothetical threats, all people must give up their rights to make it easier for law enforcement to get information without cause or warrant.

And since you've already had your rights taken away, we will also use this for plenty of other things. Like parallel construction of what we charge you for, and whatever else we can think of to misuse this information for.

Fucking lying assholes and fascists.

America is pretty much screwed at this point, and unfortunately, that is affecting everyone else on the damned planet.

Obama is just as happy to create the surveillance state as Bush was. Audacity of Hope is such a fucking lie.

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by Austerity Empowers (#48039649) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Are you aware that many of those who carried out the atrocities of the 20th Century thought they were doing right?

And many atrocities were performed in the name of doing God's work too. The list of people killed in the name of God would not fit in the pages of the Bible . The Bible is equally terrible at black and white, but provides a lot to think on and in some cases a template of a society we might want to live in. It is one of many sources of wisdom when it comes to difficult decisions.

so feel free to do whatever it is you think is right
Yes, absolutely. You're probably going to do better by understanding the study of right and wrong than just by doing whatever you feel like doing at the time. But you can rationalize almost any decision as well, and delude yourself. Religion does not have the market cornered as far as self-delusion goes.

If you want a list of right things and wrong things, I don't have one, no one does, though many will happily construct it for you and you can just blindly accept it. I am not sure that meets the letter, spirit, or common interpretations of the passage indicated above but it suffices for many. If you want to reject the idea of right and wrong outside of the concept of God, I gave you a list of people whose opinions were considered brilliant and well reasoned, both in the secular and non-secular context, who disagree with you. If you accept that right and wrong is, in many cases, difficult and a lot to ask, I completely agree.

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by CastrTroy (#48039613) Attached to: Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?
Well, then they are pretty stupid, or have too much money. Who makes a $300 purchase (probably minimum for a Windows RT tablet) without first Googling to see what kind of experience other people have with the product. Even if they bought on on release day, there would still be reviews by various blogs that would have had access to the device before release. It would have been quite clear that the device only ran Windows RT and didn't run traditional desktop applications. I have a Windows RT Tablet (Surface 2), and I'm quite happy with my purchase. but then again, I didn't blindly pick up something off the shelf when I bought it and was completely aware of the abilities and limitations of the product I was buying.

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by gstoddart (#48039541) Attached to: Earth Gets Another Quasi-Moon

Sort of. ;-)

The quasi-moons are more moon-like than planet like, because the quasi-moons orbit planets and quasi-planets orbit the sun, so in that regard they're almost entirely different, except for how they're not. =)

If the quasi-moon orbited the sun it would be quasi-planet, but then it's too small, so then it just becomes another piece of space debris with an orbit around the sun. And then it's probably an asteroid. Unless it's a really big asteroid, then it's kind of like a planet. Or possibly a quasi-planet.

It's all very complicated. :-P

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by CastrTroy (#48039137) Attached to: Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity
I'm not against sending people to Mars, but it seems like sending a bunch of people to Mars, with the current level of technology, having people on Mars does nothing for us. But technology moves fast. Maybe in another 50 years technology will have gotten to the point where sending people to Mars is actually a valid thing to consider. We could develop plenty of the technologies useful for sending people to Mars without actually sending them. Personally, I think the best chance is to send up a bunch of robots to get everything set up for us once we get there. It would be a waste to send the first people to Mars, only to have them die because something malfunctioned, when we could have just as easily sent the stuff up ahead of them and ensured it was working. Send up a few dogs and have them live for a couple years before you try it with people.

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by gstoddart (#48039037) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

Yeah, and when times changed it got amended. But the right to bear arms hasn't been amended, and until it does, it still stands as the law of the land that all arms are included.

Has the 4th amendment been updated?

Or are you under the illusion that this one amendment is sacrosanct while they crap all over the rest of it?

Because blanket surveillance, property seizure because police lie and say they suspected drugs, and parallel construction are pretty much in violation of your Constitution as well.

Absolutely! How else is the public supposed to support a revolt against tyranny?

Look, you're descending into tyranny now. So, either get on with it, or stop whining about how you'll do it when you get around to it or someone really outlaws jumbo sized soda.

Otherwise, it's just lip service. Your government is already ignoring your Constitution on a large scale, but apparently nobody gives a damn.

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