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By inalienable rights, no doubt he's referring to those rights that according to the Constitution, the government cannot take from you. The Constitution does not grant those rights; it prohibits the Federal government from interfering with them. Now, feel free to rant about the obvious overstepping that's been going on since the Civil War.

I don't have to, because you pointed it out. It proves that the government doesn't actually consider those to be rights. We have no rights, period, end of story.

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by TubeSteak (#47806457) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

Look at what Michael Phelps ate. Something like three pizzas a day or something. And he was in great health at the time. Won Olympic gold medals and everything.

Why Runners Can't Eat Whatever They Want
Studies Show There Are Heart Risks to Devil-May-Care Dietsâ"No Matter How Much You Run

As a 10-mile-a-day runner, Dave McGillivray thought he could eat whatever he wanted without worrying about his heart. "I figured if the furnace was hot enough, it would burn everything," said McGillivray, who is 59.

But a diagnosis six months ago of coronary artery disease shocked McGillivray, a finisher of 130 marathons and several Ironman-distance triathlons. Suddenly he regretted including a chocolate-chip-cookie recipe in his memoir about endurance athletics.

TLDR: Being in insanely good shape can mask (but not prevent) the health consequences of eating three pizzas a day for years.

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Oh actually, I don't really eat fried chicken with breading. That's not because I won't eat it, it's because I can't find any worth eating. We used to have a broaster in town but the local supplier closed up shop. When I was on Atkins I was just frying chicken thighs in oil as a means of fast, complete cooking. Add soy sauce, powdered ginger, and powdered garlic for an easy asian-ish flavor...

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I think the problem is that most people lie or are overestimating how much exercise they do. The human body is a pretty remarkable machine, we are very efficient when walking and running. Our biology is designed for it. So you won't burn that many calories by going for a walk or a slow jog. I find it amazing how slow some people can jog, and still think like they are getting a good work out.

From a quick Google search, it looks like 10,000 steps a day will burn 3500 Calories A WEEK. That's only an extra 500 Calories a day. That can easily be offset by eating unhealthy throughout the day.

I'm with you about what you are saying about diet. People need to eat a reasonable amount of Calories, but they shouldn't be putting their body at a deficit, and only eating 1000 or 1500 Calories a day. But exercise is a big part, because everybody will cheat on their diet from time to time. You have to exercise to use up the extra energy. Also, exercising keeps your lungs, heart, bones and muscles healthy. Eating just the right number of Calories to keep you thin, but you won't be healthy.

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More important than either of these is the calorific value of the relative diets. Both of them (low carb / low fat) ultimately work by restricting the types of food, and therefore the calories,

No, in fact, that's the opposite of what this study shows. I'm not surprised you got this wrong, because you are simply parroting the prevailing thinking, but it is plain wrong and this study shows that. Of course, so did the ketogenic/Atkins diet, but you ignored that so it's not surprising that you're ignoring this.

Irony: Holding forth with an obsolete opinion as a reply to an article about a study which proves your opinion obsolete. You may try again, but you have failed abjectly and you're spreading bullshit misinformation to make yourself appear relevant.

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That is why even organic meat contains sugar and all kinds of syrup nowadays.

Uh, what? Only processed foods, and then frankly, almost none of them. The lack of unnecessary ingredients is part of the draw to most Organic brands. Only the fake-ass organics like "O" (Safeway's brand) are full of bullshit like that.

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I absolutely packed myself with steak fried in butter, salads with massive wads of bleu cheese, and six-egg omelets with cheddar and some sort of pork product (usually sausage, sometimes bacon) for nine months of ass-sitting and lost ninety pounds. I've kept it off. The thirty more pounds I lost after that while working out and putting on muscle and eating pretty much the same stuff, but less steak and more fried chicken, I've pretty much put back on. But I'm eating "normally" now, including occasional fried food binges when the fair comes through or what have you.

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You can only judge by the samples you've got.

Right. And if you wanted reliable statistics, you'd go out and purchase samples all over the country, then weigh them based on population.

and they seem to be reasonably consistent.

Not really. The figures jump up and down quite a bit. The scale is something like 1-25 and we're seeing variations of 2 and 3 year-on-year, that's a massive delta and easily ascribed to inaccuracy.

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A memory leak would lead to the application using a hell of a lot more memory than Firefox ever could in just a few seconds, if not immediately,

[citation needed]

It is perfectly possible to have a slow memory leak. Saying otherwise is dumb. If the leak is in an infrequently-called routine, or simply does not occur every time the leaky routine is called, then it won't happen the way you imagine that it will.

But now memory is insanely cheap...

...except on mobile platforms, where the power budget has to be considered along with the cost of the memory. And did I mention that DDR4 costs about twice as much as DDR3?

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At least with Windows I can guarantee a driver exists somewhere;

Sure you can. But you can't guarantee that you can use it. The best thing about the existence of Windows is the steady stream of scanners and even printers which are abandoned by the manufacturer and don't work on the latest Windows, even though they speak the same protocol that the manufacturer's latest devices use. That's right, they are literally taken out of a whitelist which the driver uses internally to determine whether it will bother to speak to your hardware. HP is particularly evil about this, and they dropped support for many scanners in XP and then did it again in Vista and then did it again in Win7.

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