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Comment: Why an EFF app at all? (Score 1) 220 220

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see why EFF wanted to develop even an Android app. If they wanted to "make it easier for people to take action on digital rights issues using their phone", why not write an HTML5 website? Is there some performance issue that would outweigh the simplicity of a single codebase and the assurance that as soon as they updated the site it would be up to date for all users?

Comment: Never got the alert (Score 1) 382 382

Not that I'm complaining, of course, but I never got the alert, and I live right across the street from NYC's Office of Emergency Management. I'm curious about why my phone never got the message, because who knows, I might want to get alerted the next time something like Sandy blows into town.

Speaking of Sandy, I did receive a text message alert or 2 during the storm, which presumably means my phone is capable of getting the messages. Could the reason be that I switched carriers around New Year's? (ATT to T-Mobile, if it matters.)

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