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Comment Re:warm phone (Score 1) 184 184

Wrong! You cannot "boost the radio" to get better reception. Reception is a function of the receiver and not one of output power. This is dictated by the gain of the antenna and receiver sensitivity. Depending on the band in use, that would be around -103 dBm TIS (Total Isotropic sensitivity).

Of course, this is an average in free space measured in a sphere. There will certainly be angles at which the performance is poor relative to the peak sensitivity.

True, the phone cannot "boost the radio" to get better reception. But the phone is a bidirectional device and also has a transmitter. The phone will boost the transmission power to maintain contact with the cell tower. That will manifest itself as heat and a decrease in battery life.

Comment Re:Have some fun (Score 2) 143 143

Better yet, go take the tracking device and stick it to the underside of a city garbage truck or something. The cops will be sent on a wild goose chase and whoever had the tracking device attached wont get tracked anymore.

I'd actually mail it to the headquarters of a TLA (CIA/NSA/FBI/KGB/GRU/MI5/MI6/ETC) - but first I'd pack it in a box filled with spare electronics, wire, and play-doh. The outside of the box might be liberally doused with Nitrogen (read: detects as explosives) based fertilizer that I use on my lawn. I'd also enclose a letter asking if it belongs to them. The same letter would also ask them to find the owner if is not theirs. Plus I'd have multiple copies of the video of me packing the thing up for shipment.

Comment Re:It's not competition. (Score 1) 232 232

From TFA2 linked to in TFA: If Mr. Augustus fails to make a decision on the transfer, it will automatically become approved.

The cable license transfer can only be based on four criteria: the company's management, technical and legal experience, as well as its financial capabilities. If Comcast can meet that criteria, the transfer cannot be denied, Mr. Traynor said. He said Comcast's customer service record does not fall within the standard of measuring the company's management experience.

Neither company has a dejure monopoly. Comcast has already purchased the license.

The (as in one) license implies that that there is a monopoly. Dejeure or defacto is irrelevant.

Not that it matters. The point I was making to the OP in this thread was that there is a monopoly. The only real question is who will have the monopoly, and based on TFA2, it will be Comcast.

Comment Re:Distance and Charge Time (Score 1) 174 174

I can't wait for to be woken at 5 AM when the turbine generator fires up outside my bedroom window ;(

As opposed to being woken at 5 AM by a loud internal combustion engine and the sound of banging trash cans?

Seriously though, there is no reason that the turbine has to be louder than the current engine in the garbage truck.

Comment Re:Every week there's a new explanation of the hia (Score 1) 465 465

yeah, let's leave the important decissions to lawyers and economists, and not to scientists and engineers. Now THAT would lead to a great society !

If you examine the makeup of the elected portion of the government of the USA, that's what we have now.

Comment Re:Funding (Score 1) 664 664

Well, of course they are not cheap... It's got a cop motor, a four hundred and forty cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks, it's a model made before catalytic converters, so it'll run good on regular gas.

But the cigarette lighter is missing, and the motor is prone to throwing a rod.

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