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Comment: Have you tried some live linux images? (Score 4, Insightful) 210

by LesFerg (#48729059) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Distro For Hybrid Laptop?

Are you able to boot from a USB stick? I found this tool quite useful for trying out a variety of live-linux iso's on a usb drive:

It provides some useful links to download what is needed to try out a whole bunch of different distros. You can also stack a number of different distros on the same usb drive and choose which one to boot from at startup.

Personally I have been using Debian for quite a few years now, gave ubuntu a brief try but wasn't too happy with it.
I have installed Mint on virtual recently and it really does look as good as people here have stated. Mint would be my final recommendation too.

Comment: Re:Is Yahoo! still a thing? (Score 1) 222

by LesFerg (#48632337) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

I would like to have a good Yahoo mail app on my android, but when I tried their app it had a lot more than just mail and I couldn't find any way to turn off all the crap I didn't want. I already know how to read news and search the web, why the fuck would I want my Yahoo email viewer bloated up with all that as well?
Uninstalled the app pretty quickly after trying it.

Comment: Re:Wasting money (Score 1) 117

by LesFerg (#48480839) Attached to: Kim Dotcom Says Legal Fight Has Left Him Broke

Perhaps he shouldn't have spent $3M trying to corrupt the government with his failed political party.
It all worked out in the end, the incumbent party he was trying to take down gathered even more votes that the previous election.

We don't all carry a NZ flag to wave around in a patriotic frenzy, and most of us can't remember more than the first 6 words of the national anthem, but dammit he shouldn't have attacked our Prime Minister, thats our job.

If the paperwork had been properly prepared and everybody had sought the appropriate legal advice in the first place, he woulda been pushed into a plane when they first stormed his rent-a-manor instead of being left to waste taxpayers money here in Auckland, not to mention the man hours wasted by our legal system etc. Personally I think he should just head over to the US to prove his innocence in their courts, then *if* he makes it back, he can re-assess how well NZers accept him as the people's hero, and not a moment before that.

Comment: Re:I never did get this... (Score 1) 66

by LesFerg (#48135043) Attached to: Hawking Radiation Mimicked In the Lab

Hawking radiation doesn't "Escape" a black hole. In empty space, there is a constant seething foam of particle-antiparticle pairs that get created all the time.

My understanding is that those particles in "empty" space are virtual particles, but the intense gravitational field at an event horizon coerces them into becoming real particles. The ones that escape were a product of the black hole's gravity energy, hence they have taken some of its energy away with them. This could even cause a black hole to shrink over time, apparently. Its been a while since I read any of this stuff tho.

Comment: Re:I have it on good authority (Score 2) 81

by LesFerg (#48134659) Attached to: Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land On Tuesday

Was that information you received from the dental implant containing the transceiver you were given following the anal probe procedure during the last "visit"?

You may joke, but getting a dental implant via anal probe is no laughing matter. Its also not a recommended method for flossing.

Comment: Re:It isn't only Windows 8 (Score 4, Informative) 304

In 5 years, I never had a Linux update break anything, no BSOD's or lockups either. The "other" PC, we'll call that "Windows" locks up at least once per day, BSOD's, nags about everything, loses its LAN connection configuration, won't do this or that, etc. Two identical PC's, one Linux, one Windows, only one is stable and trusted.

If you have Win7 or Win8 locking up once a day or BSODs etc, then the problem is you.
Seriously, it's you.

Have to agree with that sentiment. I have not had any major problems with win7 since replacing old outdated hardware. The last big problem I had was the AMD software which kept prompting me to update to the latest drivers, advice which I stupidly accepted; the AMD driver developers dropped support for 'old' chipsets but never modified the updaters to advise against installing drivers that were no longer compatible.

At the time I believed I was doing the right thing by keeping up with the suggested updates, this is not necessarily true all of the time. Sometimes you are trying to be too cheap instead of updating your old hardware. Also you should usually be able to track the cause of the BSOD and work out what hardware, driver etc. is being reported. Thats why the BSOD has all those scary numbers on it. So you can fix it. Instead of complaining about your daily BSOD.

Comment: Re:It isn't only Windows 8 (Score 1) 304

Even with a non-functional kernel, you can boot from a rescue disk and add other kernel versions in there, can't you?
My Debian install usually has a couple of kernels to choose from in the boot menu.
Graphics driver problems shouldn't stop you from getting a working command prompt, allowing you to fix or replace the driver.

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